Warts are non cancerous tumors caused by the papilloma virus that is on the outer layer of skin. They are normally found on children and young adults, though warts may appear on anyone. They can be easily identified as most share the same general characteristics. Warts appear as a small growth that is thickened skin. It will have a rough surface, defined edges and is the same color as the skin. Warts can be transmitted through general contact. This includes skin contact, sharing footwear, using public showers and skin traumas.

Various methods of home remedies:

The ACV method has increased in popularity due to the success. Apply Vaseline around skin that is near the wart. This will protect the unaffected skin from being damaged. Then take a wart sized cotton ball and did it in apple cider vinegar. Place directly on the wart and wrap with waterproof medical tape.

Nail polish remover is another common tool used in home remedy for wart removal. Soak the wart with nail polish remover. Allow to dry and avoid washing for 2-3 hours. Then repeat the procedure several times a day until the wart is gone.

Castor oil rubbed into and around the wart is another suggested remedy. Apply 3 to 4 times a day and keep a band aide over it to ensure the castor oil stays in place.

Some claim that applying superglue directly to the wart rids you of them. After2 or 3 days the glue comes off, and the process is repeated.

Apply witch hazel liberally to the wart by using a q tip. Allow it to dry and do not wash off.

A pineapple slice or a piece of banana peel can be rubbed on the wart and taped there to stay for an hour at a time has been known to help.

A cotton ball dipped in bleach, then wrung out thoroughly can be placed on the wart and taped on.

These are all home remedies that have been passed on from person to person, usually by word of mouth. There is no guarantee that any of the methods listed will work. Some of the suggestions, such as superglue or bleach seem a bit extreme and might pose complications.

Consult a medical doctor before attempting any of the above solutions, to prevent possible injury to the skin. Many over the counter wart removal medications are available in most stores.