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Warning Signs your Job may be Causing Depression

It is a general consensus that people do not jump for joy when it is time to start work. Most people accept this fact and muddle through the workday as best they can. When you start having a hard time getting out of bed because you lack motivation and have a rough time getting anything accomplished during the workday, you might be suffering from a bout of depression. There are warning signs that can signal job related depression.

*Lack of motivation

Most people have days where they just do not want to do anything. This is normal; when those days turn into everyday then there is something more to it. When you cannot find the oomph to get out of bed on time or complete given projects at work, then you may be depressed. If the thought of losing your job due to lack of progress in your workload, or declining performance, is almost a welcome thought then could be on that downward spiral.

*Trouble concentrating

Depression affects people in different ways. One of those ways can be the inability to concentrate on anything. Even the simplest tasks can become impossible to tackle at these times. Another side effect of this is becoming easily distracted by your own thoughts. If you are not experiencing anything troubling in your personal life, then there is something about your job that is causing this disconnection in your concentration process.

*Frequent aches and pains

People suffering from depression can experience fatigue, muscle and joint pain and sometimes headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms, do not jump to the immediate conclusion that you are depressed. You must also consider the nature of your job. Is it physically demanding? Do you sit or stand for lengthy periods of time? Have you changed your workout routine? If you can eliminate these possibilities, then you may want to check into more information about how depression can affect the body.


Have you stopped participating in the talk around the water cooler or break room? Do you socialize with friends and family outside of work? If you do not engage in social behavior on a regular basis, you are more susceptible to depression. Human beings are social creatures and to avoid social contact is denying yourself a basic need. If the problem is that you do not get along with your coworkers and feel alone at work, then take steps to improve that situation. Remember: no one can read your mind or tell how you feel, you have to learn to express yourself in positive ways.

Your job may never be the highlight of your day, however when it actually starts causing you to be depressed, it is time to do something about it. You can take steps to make your day better like taking your lunch outside on nice days and enjoying the fresh air. You can try asking for assistance with your workload and you can also try engaging in social activities both at work and on your own time.

These steps may not help your depression and if that is the case, you may have to consider finding a more suitable job. One final bit of advice is that depression is very serious, you do not have to tackle it alone. Seek the guidance of a licensed professional therapist to help you sort out what is causing your depression.