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Walk with a Friend or Solo

Walk with a Friend or Walk Solo

It’s more fun to walk with a Friend than to walk solo. I have a friend that I would like to walk with, but she always has to work. When she has a day off, we will go for a walk.

I like to go for walks with my husband and our puppy dog whom is still learning to walk with us. She gets too excited and won’t walk beside us. She’ll learn.

It’s fun to walk with friends and family, but not to walk solo. I used to walk with my friends on a walking path in a big park. Sometimes we would take a picnic with us to eat after our walk if not before. It was so much fun. Sometimes we would walk fast to lose a couple pounds. Sometimes we would walk around and look at the scenery.We would walk and talk while we looked at the grass, trees, flowers,birds, and the chipmunks and squirrels.We could even look at some of the beautiful homes nearby.

While at the park, we would watch other people, and watch families having fun. This was a big park with picnic tables and equipment for the kids to play on. Then there is the walking path all around the park. It was a Fun park to visit.

Walking is good exercise and is healthy. If you walk solo, make sure you have a bottle of water with you and dress for walking. Wear comfortable shoes for walking. Wear a headset hooked up to a radio, tape player, or a CD player to listen to music while walking. Walking by yourself (solo) is not any fun.

You could walk to a friend’s house to visit, then you suggest to take a walk over to your place. It could be far or not so far. It’s good exercise and you can get fresh air while you walk and enjoy the scenery, talking along the way.Walking may not be so exciting to you, but when you walk with a friend it is FUN.

Sometimes I see people walking down the sidewalk with their friends and enjoying the day of sunshine. It’s fun to walk in the Spring or Summer months. It’s not any fun to walk in the snow, it’s too cold.

I love to walk. I walk whenever I can. Lately, it’s been raining. No fun walking in the rain either. I got caught walking in the rain without an umbrella one time. I was soak and wet by the time I got home. It was cold. Listen to the weather so you can be prepared if it’s going to rain or not.

If you go for a walk, walk with Friends, not by yourself. I can’t stress that enough. It’s more fun to walk with a friend than solo. Have fun and call up a friend or two to go for a walk.