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Vitamin Supplements for Children – Yes

Should you give kids multivitamins or supplements is a question that a lot of parents ask themselves. A lot of information is available. Lots of vitamins make it easy for parents. For example chewable multivitamins, natural vitamins in the form of gummy bears.

You want only the best for your child. You want them to be healthy and smart. They need the essential nutrients needed for proper growth, to support a strong immune system and for brain and eye health. By giving them their vitamins each day, you will notice that they do not get sick nearly as often. Getting the appropriate amount of each vitamin and mineral into the body will help to keep their immune systems strong. A lack of calcium has been shown to cause abnormal, or poor bone growth in young children. Not enough vitamin C has shown to produce children who get sicker more often.

Lets face it sometimes its also just about not being able to feed our kids what is healthy. Fast and junk food is becoming easier and easier for children to buy and consume. Vending machines offer candy bars, sugar-filled soft drinks, and snack foods loaded with fat and salt to children in schools and libraries.

Picky eaters do not get all of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need. Getting much needed nutrients from food is always best. A child that is eating a healthy and complete diet consisting of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats, will most likely not need a supplement. A vitamin can help fill gaps that is left out by the day to day food intake.

As always there are many pros and cons for vitamin supplements, both for children and for adults. A big concern is knowing what is really in the vitamin supplement. What is its quality? How much is good for you and how much is bad for you? Vitamin supplements can vary largely from brand to brand, so finding the right vitamin can be difficult. You should consult with a physician that is informed about your day to day life so that he can make an informed decision with you.

There are many child multivitamins and mineral supplements on the market which provide all of the nutrients a child needs. They are available in one single serving, in chewable and liquid form. Special child attractive colors and flavors make it easier for you to convince your child to take them.

What should you be looking for? Look for something that is specifically made for children. They may not require the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as an adult. Too much of a certain vitamin can be very harmful.

Safety and effectiveness is important anytime you are considering a multivitamin or any other supplement. Read up on studies done. Evaluate the results of those studies and discuss them with your doctor. Stock up on information first before buying a product that can cause harm and is not helping your child. A child’s multivitamin should not exceed the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of any nutrient listed on the label.

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