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Vitamin c

There are simple signs your body gives you to tell you that your vitamin C intake is low. This can be anything from easy bruising to catching a common cold during the summer. This is when it becomes beneficial for the human body to increase the intake of vitamin c in the diet from eating more citrus-based fruits or from adding a simple vitamin c supplement available from almost any supermarket or pharmacy.

Vitamin C, like all vitamins and minerals, are a simple necessity when it comes to starting and maintaining a healthy dietary routine. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast who has a strict daily routine or you are someone who is on the road and in the work place on a daily basis, vitamins and minerals are a must for anyone. It is no secret that on the outside, we are all different and we do different things at different times, work in different places in different parts of the world. However, there is one thing about us all as human beings that remains the same and that is what we put into our body’s matters. At the end of the day, without a healthy dietary routine, we are not doing ourselves any favours when it comes to prolonging life and looking toward a healthy future.

One of the necessary vitamin supplements that our body needs to function correctly is Vitamin C. The title question is asking, when is it beneficial to take vitamin C? Quite simply put, it is ALWAYS beneficial to have a supplement of vitamin C in your daily diet. Vitamin C enhances and assists many of your bodily functions of the human body throughout the day. While television adverts always link vitamin C with fruit juices, this is not always a healthy option at all as fruit juices often come very high in sugar content. So basically, what you are benefiting from with the vitamin c content is actually not so beneficial because it is backed up with a very high and very unhealthy high sugar content.

So just what does vitamin C do to help the many functions of the human body? For one, while calcium is certainly needed to maintain healthy teeth and bones, vitamin C is also a necessary ingredient for this process also. Vitamin C works with calcium in fighting the ageing process of the bones and the teeth; you could say they work hand in hand to fight such diseases as osteoporosis. Vitamin C is also a necessary ingredient to healing wounds.

Some of the known worlds top sports professionals will tell you that when they have broken an arm or a leg or are suffering from a serious wound, the doctor will always instruct them to increase their vitamin C content and get plenty of rest to help speed up the physiotherapy and the general healing process. This is because Vitamin C helps create and heal scar tissue in the body.

Another important factor of Vitamin C is the fact that it provides a healthy boost to the immune system, meaning you will be more immune to illness, and on top of that, in the event that you do become ill or injured, Vitamin C helps fight infection so much like the above situation, it aids in the overall healing process so you can get well quicker.

That is of course the reason why Vitamin C is so hyped up in the modern media. If a child helps build a healthy immune system at a young age during the growing process, that healthy immune system will follow them throughout the rest of their lives helping toward a healthy and bright future. By adding simple sugar free juices, promoting healthy fruit and vegetables in your daily diet and by adding a multivitamin supplement to your diet first thing in the morning, you are doing your body all the favours in the world!

The importance of vitamin C is endless; so to answer the title question, when is it beneficial to take vitamin C? No matter who you are or what you do, it is beneficial to everyone to take Vitamin C on a daily basis.