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Vitamin c Health Benefits

Dr. Linus Pauling’s lectures on the benefits of Vitamin C in the 1970s and his research conducted in the late 1950s and early 1960s, is now being given the credit and respect that he did not receive then. It was always fascinating to hear him speak because Dr. Pauling spoke from the heart not just the mind. He was totally convinced that Vitamin C improved human health by enhancing the bodys ability to resist disease and helping the body heal quickly when infected. His theory that mega doses of Vitamin C promoted longevity, enhanced immunity and resistence to disease are now being taken seriously by the medical and scientific communities.

When he released the book “How to Live Longer and Feel Better”, in 1987, many called him a “quack” and his medical community peers led the way to that assessment concerning his belief, theories and research concerning Vitamin C. Is it not most interesting that almost 15 years from his death everyone knows Vitamin C reduces cold symptoms if taken in high doses? Dr. Pauling would probably just smile and shake his head affirmatively, if he knew that new research from several American universities and foreign health institutes are backing up his claims about Vitamin C.

The new research and evidence shows that high doses of Vitamin C will improve your health instead of or in place of prescription medicines.[Dr. Pauling took 3 grams of vitamin C a day.]

1. Arizona State University research study found that Vitamin C helps burn more fat and keeps weight off people. Vitamin C helps the body oxidize fatty acids, because it is a “co-factor for biosynthesis”. The study concluded that many people who had trouble losing weight had low levels of Vitamin C in their blood serum.

2. The Department of Public Health at the Institute of Public Health in Cambridge, England has found that symptomatic asthmatic patients had low Vitamin C plasma levels. They also had little or no citrus fruit in their diet. When these patients increased Vitamin C and citrus fruit into their daily health regime their asthma improved. The research also indicated a diet low in Vitamin C could be a risk factor for many people in the possible development of asthma later in life.

3. NIH has reported that people with low Vitamin C blood serum levels and a diet low in Vitamin C intake foods are seen to have more issues with gingivitis and poor tooth enamel. Low Vitamin C also contributes to dry skin and dry hair. Foods full of vitamin C include: strawberries, oranges, blueberries, grapefruit, pineapple and all green veggies especially cabbage and broccoli.

4. A very interesting research report found in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who had higher concentrations of Vitamin C in their blood serum and ate a diet high in Vitamin C foods had less wrinkles than people with low Vitamin C intake and serum levels. Forget the Botox injections! Vitamin C promotes good levels of collagen in the connective tissue of the human body, while decreasing inflammation of muscles and joints.

5. We all know how Vitamin C prevents the dreaded ‘ancient mariner’ disease of scurvy. Studies in third world nations by WHO, show how children deficient in Vitamin C do not have healthy bone development and their physical growth is slow and stunted. These same reports show research concerning children suffering from severe bruising and internal hemorraging when adequate levels of Vitamin C are not in their blood system.

There are more studies coming out daily about the benefits of Vitamin C. Dr. Pauling was correct about the vast health benefits of Vitamin C. Is it hard to believe his advice about mega doses of Vitamin C entending the longevity of people? Not for this believer. I take my Vitamin C daily and I take well over the RDA of 60 mg.

No one paid off Linus Pauling or infringed upon his integrity concerning his research and belief in Vitamin C. He knew what he knew to be the truth and he lived it. So why don’t you? Vitamin C is a wonderful natural powerful Vitamin that can help lower blood pressure, prevent strokes, fight off colds, improve skin and hair, help oral health, contribute to weight loss, prevent scurvy, enhance bone growth and even help people with asthma.

Take your Vitamin C daily and watch how healthy you can be.