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Video Game Work Outs

Playing video games is fun, but exercise, although good for
you, can be boring and time consuming. Combining both is a fantastic and
fun way to get in shape.

That is exactly what I did a couple of years ago and I’ve been doing it
every since.

I call it the “Video Game Workout.” The premise is simple .. instead of
sitting down while playing the games, get moving, then punish yourself
for making mistakes in the game.

My workout system started simply. I began with a college football game,
marched in place the whole time I was playing. Then stopped the game
and did push-ups and crunches every time my opponent scored a point. A
field goal meant I had to do three push-ups, then three crunches. I then
stood back up and marched in place while I continued to play the game.
A typical game would last 40 minutes and include, on average, 24
push-ups and crunches. I did this three times a week. It never got boring
since the workout was different every time.

I adapted a similar system for boxing, march in place while boxing,
then do push-ups and crunches after each round, depending on the round. A
three-round fight would mean six of each exercise. I did one each after
the first round, two of each after the second and three of each after
the third.

This was a good way to start a program.

Once I got in better shape, I made the exercise harder. I still marched
in place, but added a squat after every time I gave up a first down
and a toe raise for every incomplete pass. Then I made it more
interesting by adjusting my marching style for each quarter. I crossed my legs in
front of my in the second quarter, marched side-to-side in the third
and crossed my legs behind me in the fourth.

When I started the workout, I tipped that scales at 302 pounds. Today,
with the additional help of some healthy diet choices, I’m down to 253

This was a great way for start a workout program.

Since I’ve gotten in better shape, I’ve changed my workout to I where
now do push-ups and crunches after each quarter, I’m up to 13 each time.
I still squat and toe raise at the same time, but I bought some
dumbbells and developed a routine – forward shrug, backward shrug, front
raise, lateral raise, upright row, curl, military press, triceps extension
and lat pull down – that I do for every point I give up.

On my days off, I go for a walk or march in place while playing on-line

I’m having a blast and getting in shape at the same time