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Various Ways to Comsume Green Tea Ways to use Green Tea Green Tea Supplements

It is absolutely true that you can easily shed that weight which you have been carrying around for ages, just by adding green tea to your daily routine. Green tea is regarded as an excellent effective remedy to lose weight as it helps in burning fat and boosts metabolism to a great extent.

The Caffeine in the green tea increases the body’s basal metabolic rate. And this increase helps the body to burn more calories during your day to day activities. Weight loss can be really an easy task if combined with right diet, exercise and green tea. Read on to learn the different ways to use green tea and score a perfect figure easily .

Make Green tea your favourite beverage of the day

Drink two to three cups of green tea on regular basis. So from now on forget coffee and tea just go for green tea, hot or cold whatever tastes the best. Carry green tea bags in your handbag and use them at office or your friend’s place. Making green tea your favourite beverage of the day will surely aid in losing those extra pounds.

Green Tea Magic Super Foods

Green tea super foods also act as a great supplement for people who cannot drink green tea. Green tea cookies, Green tea ice cream, Green tea bread, green tea cakes, grilled green tea chicken are few examples of green tea magic super foods.

Consume sugar free green tea chewing gum

Green tea chewing gum has the same benefits,just like drinking green tea. Simply change over to green tea chewing gum and enjoy the benefits of the organic green tea gum. The gum is available sugar free and each piece equals to a cup of tea and you can use it to gain the benefits of green tea whenever and wherever you are.

Opt for green tea diet pills or green tea extract capsules

If you do not like the taste of green tea then green tea pills or capsules are the answer for you. Simply opt for green tea diet pills or capsules which are easily available in the market at present. While choosing, look for EGCG content. You should choose that particular green tea pill or capsule which has large amounts of EGCG as it helps to increase the rate of your metabolism and also enhances your ability to burn calories.

Green tea Powder – Matcha, Sencha

Green tea powder is an excellent way of using green tea in daily routine. It can be mixed with water or any other hot or cold beverage and at the same time can be used in cooking and baking too. Green tea powder can be sprinkled on yogurt; you can use it in dips and sauces. Green tea powder is found in different varieties like Matcha, Sencha, Gyokura etc which are easily available in stores these days. You can also incorporate it into baked foods and can use it in making green tea ice cream.

By now you know the various ways of using green tea so what are you waiting for get set to lose weight by going green in your daily diet.