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Valerian and its use as a Mild Sedative

Valerian is the one and only pill I take at night when I have problems sleeping. This works really well to help you sleep and not make you feel sluggish when you get up the next morning. But “sleep” isn’t all that Valerian is good for.

This herb has been used for many centuries to calm nervous disorders. It is found in Europe and Asia and prefers to grow in damp and swampy grounds. It is a perennial plant with a hollow, angular, furrowed, pale-green stem. It can grow up to 4 feet in height. It has small white or pink flowers, growing from June to July and the fruit is a pale brown capsule containing a single seed. The medicinal part is the rootstock.

The scent of valerian, isn’t very pleasant. In fact, when I first took the pill, it concerned me that the valerian stench could come out in my sweat! But it doesn’t, I assure you.

The main thing about valerian is its sedative effect but it is also used to correct muscle spasms and tremors. It has also been said to lower high blood pressure.

Say you come home from work, feeling really upset by something that happened at work. Take a nice warm bath and take a valerian. It doesn’t feel like a “nerve pill” per say, but it will relax you “mildly”.

I have a friend that uses valerian for Leg and Muscle Cramps. He swears that Valerian works better than his prerscription muscle relaxers.

It has also been proven to help people that have a history of migraine or tension headaches without having to take the very addictive pain medication.

I read about a man that had a terrible problem with Shingles, after going to doctor for almost 6 months he got desperate.A friend told him to try valerian for a week to see if might help since nothing else seemed to. He figured, he had nothing to loose, so he tried it. To the amazement of this man and his doctor, it worked. He is now free from shingles.

This miracle herb is also used for more serious disorders such as sciatica,neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, and even some forms of epilepsy

Valerian is sometimes used as a substitute for valium. The side effects of these two are very different though. If you took 10 valerian you would probally get a migraine headache, wheras if you took that many valium it could lead to coma and death.

Like anything there is a side effect to valerian if you take it long term or use an excessive amount then it can cause mental anxiety or even depression. Valerian is only suppose to be used short term and never for children under aged 16.