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Understanding how Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are Good for you

While a healthy and well balanced diet should be the first and foremost main concern to ensure your body gets the raw materials it needs to process the constant re-growth and destruction of the cells in our bodies it should also be taken into consideration the benefits of using nutritional supplements.

Take a trusted supplement to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. Vitamins are micro-power, your cells use them to power their functions. If your cells are happy, you will be happy. If you are happy, you will feel more awake and alive.

Today we live in a world that is nothing like the world of hundreds of years ago. Science has prevailed in finding cures and treatments for all types of ailments yet the problem persists. People still get sick and people still get diseases. Thankfully science has also provided us with more insight into why this happens.

I am sure by now most people are very well familiar with the term anti-oxidant. It is posted on half the items at the grocery store ranging from chocolates to fruit juices. But these anti-oxidants do play a major role in preventing cell degeneration and thus in preventing disease. Free radicals a term coined by their discovers back in the seventies are a type of hydrogen atom missing an electron. We pick up this imbalanced atoms through a variety of ways, polluted air, smoking, second hand smoke, microbes in water, slightly spoiled food, and even cell phone signals and radio waves can impose onto our bodies free radicals.

Why is a free radical so bad you may be asking? Free radicals are the biggest contributors to aging and damaging organs on a cellular level leaving the open to disease. Since a free radical is missing an electron it should have it travels around through micro-space in our bodies until it hits against maybe a carbon atom or a nitrogen or even an oxygen atom and it steals the electron from that atom to make itself less volatile. Then our bodies simply dispel these extra atoms and atoms which are meant to stay are left weakened. Granted we have millions of cells in our bodies and billions upon billions of atoms but we also have millions of free radicals in our bodies as well. Over time free radical damage can lead to cancer, liver disease, arthritis, depression, you name it. Free radicals weaken atoms, which leaves cells weakened until organs become weaker and we are more susceptible to disease.

This is where anti-oxidants come into play. One single anti-oxidant has enough extra electrons to stabilize 8 free radicals. So a body full of anti-oxidants is a body well protected against the main cause of aging and disease.

In our new era of science and technology we have been blessed with many benefits. But in the backend what can’t be seen can come back to hurt us. With so many signals coming from so many different sources and so many new pesticides and fertilizers we are living in a mecca for free radicals. We may be at a point where the anti-oxidants absorbed through our food alone is just not enough. Taking one minute out of your day to ensure you have given your body a reliable amount of anti-oxidants is all but insane to avoid. If you are against taking pills there are many nutritional drink supplements out there to provide you with extra support. It is time to become aware that with technology there comes good and bad effects. You must make sure you limit how much the bad effects effect you.