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Tuning in to your Creative Side

Everyone wants to be creative, but some people just seem to ooze creativity from their pores. Many people believe creativity is a certain something you either have or don’t have.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has a creative side. It may look different than that of others, but everyone can turn on those creative juices if they just learn to tune into them.

First, ask the question, what is creativity? Most associate creativity with being able to paint, craft or make something that others appreciate as crafty. While that is certainly one definition, creativity is, in reality, much more.

According to dictionary.com, creative is an adjective that means: “1. having the quality or power of creating; 2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; or 3. originative; productive.” From this definition, we can see that all creativity really is, is the ability to create something. This could come from an original thought, and the ability to create any number of things, from a craft to a jingle and everything in between.

How do you tune into your creative side? Once you know that everyone has a creative ability inside, it’s a matter of learning to tune into it and use it. Some people seem to have an innate ability to create. Others have to dig a little deeper to find that nugget of creativity and nurture it into a full-blown creative side. The following are some ways to tune in.

1. Look at the things you do well. Instead of trying to be creative like others are, and assuming you just can’t, make a list of things you do well. This will spark ideas in you and help you understand the source of your own creativity. Some people’s creative gene kicks in when they walk into a kitchen and start to cook. For others of us, we may know how to open a box and follow directions, but creative cooking is a mystery. This works with the things you can do well also. So make a list.

2. Learn as much as you can about those things that you do well. Do you come up with advertising slogans that sell products? Do you know how to place and keep plants to create an inviting garden? Do you write fiction or non-fiction others love to read. What is it that others compliment you on? Pick things you do well and things you enjoy doing and put them together. As you learn about the subject, you will find your creative juices energized in a way that gives rise to your creating ability.

3. Accept yourself as you are. All of us have abilities and things we don’t do well. When we look at others and long to do what they do, our creative juices dry up and we find ourselves unable to create. It is in finding your own niche, your own area of creativity, that you can find ways to give yourself wings. Instead of looking at others, take a good look at yourself, at your gifts, at the ways you help others, and then let yourself be.

When you learn to accept yourself as you are, find your bliss and learn as much about it as you can, you will no longer put yourself down because your creativity doesn’t look like others.

Thank God that everyone is not alike! The world needs everyone to shine in their own arena, and by taking these steps, you will get your creative juices going. As a result, you will bring to the world something unique that only you can create.