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Truth or Fiction no Milk for Adults – Truth

True. Absurd? Hardly. No one is debating that fact that adults as well as children still need an adequate amount of calcium as well as vitamin D, both of which milk gives us in high amounts. I am all for dairy products and using milk in cooking, but to say that you cannot gain an adequate supply of these vitamins and nutrients unless you are consuming glass after glass of milk every day is ridiculous.

I personally cannot stand the taste of milk (even chocolate milk) and not since I was a child have I even taken a sip of it. The smell is enough to make me want to vomit. That is not to say that I don’t have health eating habits. Quite the contrary. I consume plenty of cheese, yogurt, and dark greens (which all have a high level of calcium) as well as many other products. I use milk in my coffee, which many people do not know that while consuming the same amount of calcium and caffeine together in a sitting they will cancel each other out. This means when you think you get that extra perk in the morning from your venti double mochachino, it’s probably the placebo instead. And if you counted that coffee beverage as a glass of your milk for calcium purposes, you are out of luck. Although you are still getting the valuable vitamin D, which is activated in the body by sunlight. Another common misconception: sunlight does not have vitamin D, it activates what is already in your body. Without the sunlight the vitamin D is useless.

I cook with milk all the time: homemade mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, homemade pudding, ect. There are plenty of other ways for adults to get a healthy amount of the “good for you” that milk provides…even through supplements. Most products are fortified these days with plenty of vitamins. Fortunately my daughter and husband both love milk and drink several glasses a day on average. It is certainly easier for them to get their recommended amount, but if you pay attention to labels and get creative with your uses for milk you will do just fine.