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Trial Results for various Cellulite Treatments

It seems we are constantly bombarded with new products which promise to give us dimple-free skin. Where are the trials? Where is the actual clinical (physical) truth? It is one thing to ‘prove’ something in a test tube; but the real proof comes with the trials in which actual sufferers are able to prove or disprove the effectiveness. This paper is a summary of the trials conducted clinically over a number of years. These trials were done without bias – i.e. – there was no gain to be made or payments from any pharmaceutical company.

The following illustrates the guidelines adhered to while evolving the treatment selection :

1. Totally natural (chemical-free) treatments, i.e. : free from harmful
Side-effects, as I would prefer no results than impose further health hazards.

2. The range used must be have a broad scope : non-injurious for all
ages, skin natures, pregnancy.

3. No animal products or testing : humans do not have the right to health
Through enforcing suffering on another creature.


1. Improvement in skin texture & appearance, with reduction in bumpy
2. Genuine improvement in underlying symptoms.

3. Stimulation of substandard systems responsible for cause or perpetuation of Cellulite.


The purpose of this trial was to disprove my own theories, as follows;

1. Cellulite does exist and is the build-up of toxins & hardened fats in zones of the body with impoverished circulation & unsatisfactory lymphatic drainage –
Consequently, external or internal treatments alone will not target the visible or underlying problems.
Indicating various overloaded systems, the accompanying symptoms suggest inferior liver function,flawed lymphatic function or blockage, toxin accumulation &
Impoverished eliminative processes.
Affecting people of various ages (especially post-adolescence), both sexes
(predominantly female), irrespective of weight, race & fitness levels.
2. Exercise & diet alone will not affect the appearance of cellulite, therefore it is indicative of diverse health issues & appears to correspond with impoverished
Circulation & organ function (skin, liver, digestive, eliminative, circulatory)

– therefore it may respond to simultaneous stimulation via internal & external methods :


Use of Homoeopathy
Celloid & herbal/supplement Therapy
Biochemic Tissue Salts


Use of Herbal lotion application
(includes Aromatherapy)
Lymphatic drainage
Massage (effleurage)
Dry body brushing


Indications of associated
Health problems.
Exercise & role in remedying


As noted above, all subjects generally noticed improvement to varying degrees; depending on existing health problems and time the cellulite had been present. By analysing iris markings before & after, one can see the link between cellulite & various systems, as hypothesised. While not expecting to remove all existing indications/symptoms with treatments, it is
Interesting to notice which symptoms responded.


(Overall Conclusions)

Conclusions through clinical observation & subsequent trials of treatments resulted in
Parallel ideals which have recently resulted in Pharmaceutical companies the world over making vast sums of money. My own theories were similar to many of these – however, while others acted according to one or two chosen methods, their failure rates were high as only certain bodily systems were targeted (i.e.: lymphatic or blood only; others – topical application only). Various indicators such as Iris markings or associated health problems (fluid accumulation, ascites) necessitated further exploration & corresponding treatments.

These conclusions were as follows :

1. IF cellulite is only lipid accumulation, all corpulent people would manifest
Cellulite. Many obese patients have smooth, firm skin over their entire body.
Firm compression in all fleshy areas exhibits no visible cellulite symptoms or

2. IF advancing age were a major contributing factor, all elderly people would exhibit this problem. Many elderly patients have smoother skin that their younger counterparts.

3. IF cellulite was a sign of storage only, adaptation would have resulted in better function. The human body possesses complex storage mechanisms supplying the diverse systems relying on nutrients for their function. With the exception of races adapting fat storage for the sole purpose of survival in their environment, most individuals have no need for storage of surplus adipose. Contrary to popular medical opinion, excess fat’ is not required during development, nurturing & menopause – if this were so, the nutrient content of lipids would be of a greater level. Possibly, higher percentages of fat’ in breast milk results in more obese babies & children (with associated health risks, which are a constant factor in health reports). Lipid use in the body relies on small amounts only; not large, immovable masses.

4. IF nutrients were being deposited for future use, these deposits would not be so difficult to reduce. Organs responsible for storage & assimilation must be able to utilise the contents readily – fasting & abstinence from fatty’ food results in reduction of these deposits – therefore, these storage’ areas are not releasing their stores’. Deposits are quite the opposite to storage but are regularly confused.

5. IF exercise was an effective measure against cellulite build-up, every physically fit person would be free from symptoms – this is not the case. Even many top level athletes display varying stages of this problem.

6. Calorific intake has little to do with the symptoms or removal of cellulite.
Energy utilisation by cells has long been an accepted theory behind weightloss – only of late have orthodox nutritionists begun recognizing disparate factors are of exceeding importance. Primarily; type of exercise implemented (muscle-building,
Energy-burning, aerobic/anaerobic, weight-bearing) & type of food consumed,
irrespective of calories. Theories on carbohydrate – protein combining, (with
hastened digestive process & improved nutrient uptake while eradicating fermentation)
have little to do with calorific intake. Fasting results in the self-preservation
reaction by slowing of metabolic processes & fat storage (starvation mode) – this
effects a weightgain in yo-yo dieters or those who skip meals in the belief it
will aid weightloss. Accordingly, weightloss does not equal cellulite’ loss; or
slender people would not experience these problems. Many patients seeking help are
of general lean appearance, with conspicuous deposits on affected parts.

7. IF fats’ & oils’ were simply lipid & of an equivalent nature, all cooled lipids would become solidified. Generally, the term oil’ should be applied to
plant-derived. With the exception of a few, most cold – pressed oils remain viscous
when cooled; thereby preventing solidification within the human body in areas of
poor circulation or lymphatic blockage. The perils of abstinence of beneficial
lipids are overlooked by many ‘experts’ associated with nutrition.
Simplified, if a machine is not oiled, it seizes. Observation of patients adhering
to an oil-free diet exhibit drying’ of external tissue, with digestive complications,
hormone insufficiency, mineral imbalance symptoms & general lacklustre’ appearance.

8. Additionally, the arguments against the ingestion of animal-derived fats’ should not be overlooked :

(i) Excessive overuse of synthetic substances in the farming industry results in subsequent storage within adipose tissue (as in humans). Growth hormones &
organochlorines, for example have long-ranging effects which are then passed onto future generations. These are stored in the human body following consumption,
within our own adipose supplies.

(ii) The human body is unable to completely digest all meat by-products. Autopsy
examination shows much fermented waste from incomplete meat breakdown – despite authorities’ on the subject extolling the benefits of meat (& the fat contained within).

(iii) Fats’ are not easily assimilated or metabolised by humans – heart disease, liver congestion & disease, arteriosclerosis & fat accumulation with resulting tissue degeneration all show our inability to break down the substances customary in a civilized’ diet.

(iv) Perhaps most importantly : Fat-free diets will not remove what is already in the body. It may prevent further build-up; waste already amassed will require further assistance.

9. IF aging connective tissue was the cause of these symptoms, parts of the body known for decreased elasticity (faces, necks, backs of hands) would support this idea. Experts dismissing lymphatic drainage & other forms of massage are those who believe there is no treatment or even existence of this condition.

10. IF cellulite’ affected a higher percentage of men, it may not be seen as merely a vanity issue. Instead of being viewed as a warning of other insidious health
problems, perhaps chronic complaints could be prevented. By examining the causatum of additional symptoms, we discover a huge index of varying symptoms suffered
concurrently (onset interestingly around same age of appearance of cellulite) :

(i) Hormonal imbalances
(ii) Lymphoedema
(iii)Circulatory disorders
(iv) Inhibited organ function
(v) Arteriosclerosis
(vi) Fatty degeneration of organs
& systems

~ these issues offer many avenues for further research, if taken seriously & the
funding were available for such health subjects. Considering the feasibility grants
available today for comparatively minor matters, one wonders whether we as medical
people are still directing our energies into end results instead of prevention…

1. No one treatment stood alone in efficacy. When one modality was Prescribed, it had little or no effect on the Cellulite. Introduction of a further modality
Would bring health results accordingly – however, it was not until all health issues were addressed that the appearance was removed.

2. Cellulite developed over a considerable period of time, due to a wide range of
health problems. No truly healthy body will develop or retain cellulite; a healthy body is not equal to degree of fitness, as fit’ people can display these signs.

3. There is no quick fix’ treatment, despite the many claims of various Pharmaceutical companies. Topical creams may relieve the signs temporarily by smoothing the skin, but do not address the internal causes. Internal treatments may reduce size of deposits, but do not reach the peripheries due to poor circulation.

4. Cellulite as a symptom has little to do with vanity, rather it is the result of extensive health problems which require treatment in order for the removal to be effective.


Overuse of unsuitable skin creams Impaired organ function

Perfumes & heavy moisturisers Insufficient exposure to the sun

Sluggish habits Misguided skin & health care

Unsuitable health care Tight clothing

6. Also of consideration is information we are prohibited from discovering – the
Unseen contaminants which are constituents of our food, clothing, soil, air,
water, personal care – even health’ care. Prevention of susceptibility &
absorption of these chemicals would be our most beneficent alternative;
however, this is not practicable when the truth is masqueraded by spin-doctors
exploiting the naive multitudes. Due predominantly to Pharmaceutical companies
who manipulate health, food, cosmetic, scientific & farming industries, no-one
is exempt as these insidious chemicals impact on every phase of our lives. As
they affect every facet of our health and are accountable for many health
problems – either directly or circuitously – I will not itemize this as a
cause’ of cellulite, but elect to allude instead that many chemicals vitiate
our physical makeup – from the cellularphases through to enzyme, hormone and

7. While cellulite forms as a direct result of recognized or unknown health
problems, eventually the cellulite itself issues an impediment to various
systems of the body subsequently transpiring to continuing impoverished health.

In Closing…..

The universal impression in endeavoring to substantiate a Natural Therapy, is the incessant reminder that no two individuals are identical in response or consequence.
Therefore, no two subjects respond equally.

If I had set out to corroborate a singular treatment on a limited group of people, this trial would have concluded as many trials do; with no verification that the treatment was adequate. Speculating as a Natural Health Practitioner, I chose instead to contemplate a broader group of people, utilising a wider range of treatments.

These trials were possibly incomparable as they were predicated upon failure to accept failure’. As trials are consistently entrenched in model or standard technique to prove or disprove the effectiveness of a treatment, I chose to pinpoint the synergy of various modalities & treat the subjects individually.

This praxis eventuated in not only the cellulite being targeted; the existent health
issues (whether affiliated or not) were treated accordingly. The results tabled show
that this system is far more appropriate in treating any health problem – extending to
the Natural Health Practitioner’s convictions that the whole’ person must be treated in order for any modality to be effective.

While I propose to undertake advanced research by analysis of blood & body fat content, this will necessitate extra funding. Nonetheless, these trials resulted in persuasive attestation of effectiveness of treatments.


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Thanks to my patients!