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Treatment Options for Drug Addiction

Due to the fact that denial is the highest and hardest hurdle to overcome in any addiction, chances are it won’t be the addict who initially seeks treatment options. That’s why this article will be addressed to the friends and family of those powerless souls who might otherwise choose to remain alone in the Twilight Zone of addiction.


The key to keep in mind when in the midst of addiction is the fact that addiction is an incurable disease. Recovery will take a lifetime and will be achieved by one sober day at a time. Treatment will revolve around a twelve step process, which the addict will learn to live within each and every day of their lives. The next key will be for the addict, friends and family to let go of control and find some kind of higher being, who has the power to guide the addict to a sober life.

Most every drug addiction treatment program will be based around the twelve step philosophy, simply because it works. In the old days the only hope for recovery from addiction would be to attend AA meetings. Alcoholic’s Anonymous is and always has been the father of recovery from addiction, but the first step in the twelve step process will be for the addict to admit a sense of powerlessness over the addiction. The AA philosophy has developed into one which addresses other addictions too, which is why today AA combines drug abuse into its twelve step program with Narcotics Anonymous. They say an addict must hit rock bottom before he or she will find the motivation it takes to reach out for help. Although that’s true and as wisely as AA guides its addicts to and through recovery, the fact remains that with some addictions, rock bottom tends to be the grave. That’s why more and more friends and family members today are learning how to create that rock bottom effect through intervention.


Since addiction tends to create toxic relationships, the addicts friends and family become as sick as the addict is. This leads to relationships which unintentionally enable the addict to remain in denial for way too long. They bail addicts out of the big mistakes they make and save their hides from the very thing the addict needs to survive. Unless and until the addict hits rock bottom, he or she will hide behind lies which friends and family provide by refusing to see and believe what addiction does to a loved human being. The drug takes control of each and every aspect of the addict’s body, mind and soul and then, like a thief in the night, it robs and blinds all involved.

When friends and family get sick and tired enough or when the pain gets bad enough, someone must step up and intervene. An intervention is a way for friends and family to courageously face what makes them afraid and induce a rock bottom effect for the addict. They do this through revealing the truth as a unified group who now refuses to assist the addict to hide behind lies. An intervention basically says to the addict, “I’ll do whatever it takes to help you through the process of recovery, but as of today, I refuse to assist your addiction.”

The choice is then the addicts to make, and that’s why it’s vital that friends and family say what they mean and mean what they say on the intervention day. There will be no turning back to the past facts and all involved must be committed to the recovery process, which means that friends and family will need to recover too. Should the addict refuse the pre-planned recovery program, the friends and family must let go of their loved, but lost addict’s toxic life and refuse to provide lies for the addict to hide behind. Only when the addict is able to see the light of truth will he or she find the courage to let go and admit he or she is powerless to fix what makes them sick. Only with this acceptance can any treatment program benefit all involved.


The options for alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation and recovery are endless and come within a wide range of costs, from thousands of dollars a day to totally free. The key will be for friends and family to do the leg work, research and to educate themselves enough to have at least a plan in mind, with a plan B and C as well. It’s vital to remove each and every excuse the addict will use to refuse treatment. As a united group, friends and family should have faith in whatever program they choose, and hopefully, the addict will soon find faith in the program too. The recovery program should include three key elements which must be addressed and met to recover from an addiction.

1. Medical advice to heal the body:

A medical physician must be a member of the recovery team, as withdrawal from addiction can be deadly if not weaned through and with medical wisdom. Most recovery facilities and rehabilitation centers include a medical team, but if not, medical advice must be addressed and met before recovery can begin. That’s why the first phase in the recovery process needs to be surviving the withdrawal from the substance the addict is addicted to, which leads to the release of the toxic effect drugs create which make otherwise insightful human beings blind and hide behind lies.

2. Expertise in dealing with mind altering addictions:

Addictions tend to create monsters in the mind who demand being fed with the mind altering substance all the time. Even when the addict’s body is free of the substance, it takes time for the monster to shrivel up and die. That’s why the addict needs people whose expertise lies within freeing the mind of the monsters addictions create in the first place. They will need to learn how to cope with life in healthy ways instead of being imprisoned by the monsters in their minds. This will be done with and through the twelve step process which begins with admitting the truth, and ends with a new spiritual view.

3. Spiritual guidance for healing the mind, body and soul:

If addicts and co-addict family and friends who’ve been revolving their lives around the addiction don’t believe in God or some kind of higher being, it will be wise for all involved to change their minds. Recovery depends on faith, and it will take the belief in some kind of higher being to be able to let go of the false beliefs that addicts hide behind. All involved need to see the reality that there will never be any one human being who has the power to fix something like this. Unless all involve let go of control and give the addiction to a higher being, the monster will be revitalized and without the belief in some kind of higher being, the risk of failure increases drastically. That’s why in AA, they pray every day, “God grant me the serenity to accept those things I can’t change, the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


1. Seek medical advice:

Since there are endless types of drugs to be addicted to, along with alcohol, the most abused drug of all, the first place to go for help in finding the best option for treatment will be a medical physician who knows what withdrawal from the addicts particular drug of choice involves. The physician will be a good source of information as to where the best treatment program will be which can deal with the addicts particular addiction.

2. Go online:

Since there are countless options to choose from, the best way to consider your options will be to take a peek at the endless possibilities you’ll find online. There, you’ll find ahead of time what the cash facts will be, what that particular facility’s philosophy includes and which place would be best for you and all involved within the issues of the addiction.

Don’t become overwhelmed, but take one place at a time with the key elements listed within this article in mind. Still, if you don’t know where to begin, here’s a list of sites that might provide some insight to how to begin what will be a lifetime recovery.

1. Drug Rehab Options.com

http://www.drug-rehab-options.com/start.shtml: This site provides an abundance of information on how to begin in your search for a treatment program.

2. The River Source:

http://www.theriversource.org/?gclid=CI35tpHi_pYCFQNKxwodiDrbkw: A twelve step holistic program, The River source provides affordable treatment for drug addiction.

3. A directory of resources for alcohol and drug addiction treatment:

http://www.alcoholism-treatment.com/: This site will provide directions to the treatment program near you.