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Treatment for Hot Flashes Caused by Menopause

Treatment for hot flashes caused by menopause

Hot flashes come on quickly without warning and your neck and face become flushed with heat. Hot flashes are one of the temporary symptoms associated with menopause. They have a duration of anywhenre from nine to sixteen months, and the time varies between individual women.

Hot flashes can show up for no apparent reason, and they can be triggered by the environment ,or they can be triggered by food and certain activities.

Certain foods are known to trigger hot flashes, and these should be consumed in moderation or avoided. Sugary foods speed up the metabolism which creates heat which can cause a hot flash. Women who drink alcohol get a quick boost in estrogen, and then a sudden drop in estrogen levels. The drop in the levels of estrogen increases the chance of getting a hot flash.

Foods that are heavily spiced with hot or black pepper can cause your temperature to rise, but they should only be avoided, if you notice a hot flash after eating these spicy meals. Coffee is also another food that contributes to the frequency in hot flashes. Caffeine stimulates the heart rate and increase blood pressure and can also be a trigger for a hot flash. There is no need to remove coffee from your diet, but be mindful of how much caffeine you are taking in through other sources.

Keep temperature at consistent levels and try not to have extreme cold or extreme heat. Fluctuations in temperature are known to bring on hot flashes in some women. Wear clothing that is made with natural fibers which does not trap heat. Linen, cotton, hemp and fabric constructed for athletes are good at keeping temperature consistent.

Vitamin E can also be introduced in the diet or as a supplement to help minimize the effects of hot flashes. It is best to start with a low dose of Vitamin E and slowly increase the dosage. Including moderate amounts of exercise to your life is helpful. Women who are out of shape should start exercise routine in small steps; as exercise can become a trigger for hot flashes. Your body will adjust to the frequency of exercise after a time.

Hot flashes will become less frequent and less bothersome as the body adjusts to the changes, and the hot flashes will become less severe. Each woman will experience menopause in a different way; but all women benefit from a nutritious diet, exercise and a balanced stress free life.