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Treating the Body Mind and Spirit

Any medication or treatment other than what is widely used within the western medical world is an alternative way to treat a disease through alternative medicine. Advocates of alternative medications and therapies claim that their way to address a disease is more likely to cure what created the disease in the first place. Although some of these alternative treatments may not be approved by the FDA, more and more modern medical facilities are including alternative medicine in their treatment approach today.

Alterative medicine is based on the belief that medicine can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. They say that western medicine tends to treat the symptoms rather than the source of the disease, as is seen with the conventional treatment of cancer, and apparently more and more conventional physician’s agree with the alternative philosophy.

Although chemotherapy and radiation treatment attacks the tumors created by cancer cells that grow out of control, the tumor itself is just a symptom and not what caused the disease. The toxic chemical mix in chemotherapy attacks cancer cells and healthy cells as well, so alternative medicine supporters believe in using kinder and more natural means to treat a disease and the body’s ability to release the, “dis-ease,” which leads to healing. While traditional cancer treatment is focused on placing a disease in remission, the fact remains that remission doesn’t mean the cancer patient is cured of the disease. Alternative medicine is focused on the body’s well being and strives to address the mess which creates a disease within an otherwise healthy body.

One of the issues reported by many alternative facilities is the fact that so many people only try alternative medicine as a last resort. That’s why they say their success rate can’t be determined accurately unless the alternative method is used to address the disease from the onset. Still, many alternative therapies and medicines have shown success even with patients who’ve been dismissed as hopeless by the conventional medical world. The key will be to do the research and find alternative treatments that sometimes even make sense to the conventional medical world. Don’t be fooled by wolves disguised by hope and what does no harm, just might benefit at least your sense of well being and provide peace of mind that you’ve tried everything available to you.


There are alternative medicine facilities which hold wise and useful philosophies, and even within the western medical world, more and more physicians today are beginning to see the benefit of treating the entire body instead of just the symptoms. Some are beginning to include a homeopathic approach to treating a disease. Others are beginning to use natural cures, such as the alternative naturopathic facilities do. Western physicians are becoming more aware of how to heal the body through nutritional means and addressing the patient’s sense of well being. Studies have shown better success when cancer treatment includes all aspects of a patient’s being, which are all inclusive to the body, mind and the human spirit.


This type of alternative medicine is based on the use of natural chemicals and oils derived from botanical, mineral or animal sources which stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Those who promote homeopathy treatments say their way agrees with our natural defenses to overcome any disease, so homeopathic medicine is used to restore the body to health more than anything else. It’s widely used to treat chronic disorders such as chronic coughs, arthritis and other immune system deficiencies. Because the homeopathic medicine is given in such minute amounts, it’s considered to be safe and the side effects are few to none. That’s why this approach to restoring the body to health can be a great complimentary way to conventionally treat the symptoms of a disease.


Naturopathic medicine is based on the philosophy that health and well being is based on the integrity of the whole person and emphasizes the treatment of a disease through stimulation, enhancement and like the homeopathic approach, the naturopathic approach supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The belief system is that prevention is the key to maintaining good health, so this alternative medicine would include nutritional food as its main source of medicine, along with guided fasting and supplements.

Botanical medicines are also used through this approach to address a variety of health problems all at the same time. Naturopathic supporters claim that botanical medicines are compatible with the body’s own immune system and can enhance its effectiveness, but they also combine physical therapy with methods which therapeutically manipulate the muscles, bones and spine. This, along with the use of ultrasound, diathermy, exercise, massage and the natural elements of water, heat and air to boost the immune system and restore the body to health.


The history of medical care has convinced modern medicine that some alternative treatments have been time tested and might be effective to use in conjunction with the traditional methods used today. Since certain herbs and plants were effective in treating sickness and disease in ancient times, the fact remains that they are still effective today. That’s why so many medical facilities are combining auromatherapy and the old tried and true massage approach to their patent care.

Some even choose to use what was discovered in the 1600’s as magnetic therapy to balance and restore the human body’s magnetic force and its ability to maintain well being. Acupuncture was also used in ancient times, but is still known to be beneficial today as a great approach for treating health issues and preventing those issues from arising in the first place.

Beyond these alternative medicines, advocates base their faith on the fact that treating every aspect of being human is the best way to heal. This means that treating the body needs to include addressing the patient’s spiritual being through meditation, hypnosis, prayer and spiritual guidance which can and does effectively treat the entire human being, while at the same time, the patient benefits from modern medical advances.