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Treating Oily Skin

If you are going to blame someone for your oily skin try your ancestors. Oily skin is hereditary and down to hormones. Stress can cause oily skin – when you are stressed it causes the oil glands to kick into high gear. Pregnant women notice an increase in oil in their skin due to hormones as does teenagers.

There is no magic cure for oily skin but the biggest tip is to keep your skin clean and clear all the time. Although oily skin is irritating it does have its advantages. Do you know that oily skin tends to age better, so you would have less chances of wrinkles. Today’s curse is tomorrow’s blessing.

Now how to treat oily skin.

Clay masks or mud baths are worth the money. The darker the mud the more oil it will absorb. White or red colored mud are gentler and tend to be better for sensitive skin. Mud masks cleanse the skin including deep pores and will temporarily tone your skin.

Hot water is an excellent regimen to add to your ritual if you have oily skin. Hot water with plenty of soap will cause more oil and particles to dissolve than cold water. Soap also helps remove the grit and grime left on your skin after a long day.

Finding a drying soap is not a problem, but finding one that won’t totally dry out your skin is. Good old Ivory soap is the best for oily skin, there is really no need to spend a lot of money on Clearasil soap or one of the more expensive brands as Ivory does the same for your skin. So the trick is to use lots of it, go heavy on the soap, scrub it on it really well and wash all the oil and particles right off your skin.

Baby powder is for additional shine-free protection. I find that products as Baby Powder makes a great face powder when fluffed and applied over your make up.

Be choosy when buying cosmetics. Oil based cosmetics will mix with the oil from your skin and either run off you or will mix and sink in to your pores. Choose cosmetics that are designed for oily skin. They consist of material to soak up and cover oiliness so the skin doesn’t look greasy. So slow down when buying make up and read the ingredients, don’t be tempted to purchase products that make claims that they are magical. There is no make up magical enough to cure oily skin.