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Treat and Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal tunnel is the small space where the median nerve runs between the bones of your wrist. Constant repetitive motion can cause the tissues that surround the bones and the median nerve to swell and thereby compress the nerve.

Quite often you might feel numbness or pain in your first three fingers and your thumb. You might also feel pain in your wrist. This would be considered Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The faster you treat this condition the better chances you have of it not becoming severe and possibly requiring surgery.

Here are some things you can do to effectively treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Give Your Hands a Break

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually occurs when you keep your hands in the same position day after day while doing repetitive tasks such as typing on a keyboard. The first thing you should try and do, if possible, is give your hands a break for a week or two so they have some time to heal. If your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by extra curricular activities such as playing on the computer or playing video games, try to give your wrists a break by doing something different for the next week or two.

Change the position of your hands.

Quite often Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs while doing tasks that are necessary for work, such as typing or mechanical work. If possible try to change the position of your hands while doing these tasks. For example, if typing try buying an ergonomic keyboard or wrist pad that will raise and change the positions of your hands to give the nerve in your wrist a break.

See Your Doctor

If your symptoms are severe enough that it is causing you pain, a visit to your doctor is recommended. They can give you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug or pain killer. They can also help diagnose how severe the condition and what your personal options will be.

Get a Brace

Quite often a doctor will recommend starting with a brace. A brace will help keep your wrists in place while working and sleeping which will help alleviate your symptoms. You can purchase a brace online or at a medical supply store. It is recommended you go to a medical supply store however, because braces come in different sizes and it is important to get the right fit for the brace to be effective.

Do Exercises

Sometimes exercises given to you by a physical therapist can help you strengthen your wrists and help eliminate the problem Check with your doctor to see if they can recommend a licensed physical therapist.

Cortisone Shots

Quite often if any of the above remedies do not work, your doctor might give you a shot of cortisone. Cortisone shots can help if the pain is severe. However it is unusual for a doctor to give a cortisone more than twice in the same area. If the problem persists surgery might be the only way to go.

Get Surgery

Sometimes when all else fails, your doctor might recommend surgery. The surgery requires cutting a ligament in the Carpal Tunnel that is causing you the discomfort. It can take a few weeks up until a few months to heal, depending on the person. It will also require Physical Therapy to help strengthen the wrist as it heals. This should however take care of the condition permanently.