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Treadmills Manual vs Motorized

Manual treadmills are really not worth a purchase unless you find an amazing deal on it. Motorized treadmills are probably the best treadmills out in the market and they provide a lot of useful features which help you get healthier and maximize your benefits.

Manual treadmill does not “run” by itself. You have to run on it by yourself and then it will give you a reading such as speed, calories being burned, etc. Running on a mat which isn’t moving will cause you un-necessary problems. You will have to use more force to run and sometimes slow down the speed when you are tired.

However, when you are on the motorized treadmill you will not be able to stop. This is actually a good feature. When you feel tired in the middle you will not have any option but to keep running until our time is over or use the emergency stop button. Many people keep running and end up losing much more weight than they would have using a manual treadmill.

On the other hand, manual treadmill is much more safer. You can stop anytime time you want and chances of you falling are really less. Manual treadmills is good for people who like to do intense workouts in a short amount of time.

Most manual tradmilss don’t provide any calorie reading or heart beat rate. The motorized treadmill pre set rates and will aloways provide the calorie reading and many other features such as heart rate, time elapsed, time remaining, target, weight loss zones, etc.

Motorized treadmills are better in every aspect, and inevitably they also cost a lot more than the manual ones. But if you are looking to purcahse a treadmills, then motorized is the way to go. It will be worth the money in the long run if you are able to devote time to exercising using the motorized treadmill.

In addition most motorized treadmills also provide options like mountain climbing. This feature will let you increase the height of the treadmill and it will be like running upward on a hill. This is an extreme workout and burns a lot of calories and is excellent for training leg muscles and preparing for mountain climbs. You can also select the amount of speed and see how fast you are able to run and measure the time.

Most people like to measure the distance and time while they are exercising and motorized treadmill is excellent machine to give you all the readings.

If you are old or have kids then you might want to buy manual treadmill because it is much safer and doesn’t require a genius to figure it out, whereas the motorized treadmill requires a little bit of technical knowledge.