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Treadmill Maintenance

Treadmills, like tires, require regular maintenance to ensure that you have a smooth run. Unfortunately, the need to regularly maintain your treadmill seems to have been lost in translation for many people. Letting it sit in the corner for months accumulating dust isn’t the path to optimal treadmill performance. Instead, you should follow these five treadmill maintenance tips to extend the life of your treadmill and improve your treadmill experience.

#1: Keep Your Treadmill Clean

Dust, lint, and dirt on your treadmill can gum up the belt and gears. This is an especially important treadmill maintenance tip if you live in a dusty climate or have shedding pets in your home. Take the time once a week to dust and wipe down your treadmill, even if you aren’t using it regularly. Vacuuming around the machine each week can also help prevent carpet lint, hair, or dust bunnies from camping out in your treadmill gears.

#2: Check Your Treadmill Levels

Uneven surfaces are prime contributors to treadmill maintenance problems. Even if you leveled your treadmill when you first brought it home, check your levels every few months. Soft wood floors may dent from uneven running, and carpeted surfaces don’t always distribute weight properly. If you have a treadmill that folds up and stows away, check your leveling each time you set it up with a simple leveler to get the best out of your machine.

#3: Watch Your Power Supply

Modern treadmills have complicated control panels, and they are just like any other computer – sensitive! Power surges, static electricity sparks, and poorly grounded plugs can all cause shorts in your system. An easy treadmill maintenance tip to prevent power supply issues damaging your machine is to unplug it when you’re not using it. A power strip with surge protection can also give you another layer of protection for your treadmill.

#4: Adjust Your Belt

Treadmill belt maintenance is often overlooked, but the belts can stretch, lose tension, or fall out of alignment. With your owner’s manual (most manuals are available online if you’ve lost yours) as a guide, check the settings for your belt and make adjustments as needed. Do remember that minor adjustments go a long way, and test performance after each adjustment.

#5: Consider Buying A Treadmill Mat

Treadmill mats protect your floors and provide maintenance benefits to your treadmill. Mats can help with leveling your treadmill, and they help to neutralize any static electricity that is building up around the machine. Treadmill mats can also help keep down dust and make cleaning around the machine simpler. Most standard size treadmill mats are available new for less than $50, and the treadmill maintenance benefits can help them pay for themselves over the life of your machine.

Treadmills require regular maintenance to deliver the best exercise experience. With these five treadmill maintenance tips, you will be able to get more from your treadmill and enjoy a better workout experience.