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Travel and Exercise

A healthy lifestyle includes physical fitness. Stretching, strengthening exercises and aerobics all contribute to making you feel and look good. Maintaining a workout routine is easier when you’re in everyday surroundings, at home and in your local gym.

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, can throw you off balance and in the process, you’re apt to forget about regular exercising.

The sight of familiar objects is the first step to maintaining your exercise routine when you’re on the road or in the air. Pack workout clothes and shoes. Bring along your towel and pack your personal alarm clock.

Try to arrange to exercise at the same time of day as you do when home. If this just isn’t possible, set up an alternative time.

If you are unable to commit to the same time daily because of business appointments or family excursions, your next best choice is to commit to actions connected to a specific daily occurrence, such as “fifty sit-ups before breakfast” or “twenty push-ups before getting into bed.”

When traveling by airplane, put your walking shoes in your carry-on bag and use waiting time between planes for stretching and walking. Once you’re on board the plane, you can tense and relax your body, part by part, from head to toe while seated.

Leave your airplane seat as often as possible and stretch your arms to the ceiling. If you travel often, invest in a helpful book such as In-Flight Fitness by Reyneke and Varley.

Most hotels offer workout rooms and swimming pools. Larger facilities may include indoor tracks. Invite a business associate to join you in a workout at the gym or for a run around the track. You’ll find it easier to stick to your routine when you’re not doing it alone.

Are you traveling by car? Carry a couple of weights in the trunk and stop periodically to do a shortened version of your workout. Do some stretching. Take a short walk.

When you’re a visitor in a private home and not able to get to a gym, there are alternatives.
Stop in a local department store and purchase a couple of inexpensive 5# or 10# hand weights. Donate them to your host family when you leave.

As an alternative, ask permission to check the cupboards for one to two pound food cans you can use or pick some up at the supermarket.

Offer to take your host’s dog for a daily walk or run.

Maintaining your routine under all conditions means you’ll reap the benefits:
You’ll sleep and eat better,
You’ll experience less stress, and
You’ll be less susceptible to minor illness.

More importantly, you’ll find it easier to continue your routine when you’re traveling rather than trying to get restarted after taking a break.