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Traditional Eye Diseases Treatment Methods

Treatment of traditional medicines can always be used in conjunction with the treatment of the eye doctor. This article provides the most effective traditional medicines for the treatment of the eye.


The most common method of purification for the treatment of the eye – is rinsing the tea brew. Daily wipe your eyes with a piece of cotton wool soaked in tea leaves from tea. This method of cleansing the eye helps to improve vision.

Eye can be washed with a decoction of camomile. Pour three tablespoons of chamomile hot water (about 200 grams), allow to stand for fifteen minutes and strain the solution through a strainer. The eyes are washed as a piece of cotton soaked in the infusion. This method is most effective to use at certain times of the year – a period when the eyes are the most susceptible to irritation and inflammation. Contraindication to this method of treatment are diseases of the urogenital system.

Treatment of view based on herbs.

You can apply a drop of juice prepared on the basis of a dandelion. It helps to get rid of the inflammation of the eye.

Here’s another way of traditional medicine. At one tablespoon of cumin, take a teaspoon of cornflower petals and leaves, a teaspoon of psyllium. Mash the mixture and brew a cup of boiling water. Drops of the resulting infusion should be applied 5 times a day.

Boric acid against eye diseases.

Very well remove inflammation and various diseases of the eye drops made from boric acid solution. Dissolve a teaspoon in a glass of boiling water and rinse your eyes every morning for three months. Inflammation as a hand lift.

Treatment of algae

Boil three tablespoons of seaweed called “Bladder” (sold at any drugstore) in a thermos and leave overnight. Prepare the molds for ice. Pour into prepared molds infusion of a square and place in freezer. Every night before bed wipe the eye with ice from the infusion. Use this procedure within 1 to 2 weeks. If water gets inside of the ice eye, do not panic – there is no harm from this, only good. This method of treatment is very helpful when your eyes hurt. Especially recommended for those who have been clouding of the lens.

Regain your eyesight – Wash your face with fresh morning dew.

If you have a strong eye watering, and you are experiencing a sharp pain, there is another old folk remedy – collect the morning dew from the leaves and rinse well its your eyes.

Indian clay treatment.

Ancient Indian sages long ago determined that water and soil are beneficial to human health. They have learned to use the healing properties of clay, and opened their methods of treatment have survived. In order to cure the eyes and improve vision, you need the same proportion of clay together to put on his head, forehead and eyes. You will first need to prepare the clay.

Pick up the clay into a bowl. It should end up dry. After that, Mash it into small pieces. Fill it with water so that the clay surface was 1 cm. Clay should stand at room temperature. Wait until it becomes soft and it can be kneaded by hand. Mix the clay with your hands. Remember, this is very important – prevents hands only, no foreign objects. See that clay was homogeneous, and that there were no lumps. Clay should be thick and not spread. Spread on a table linen fabric. Look how big you place an inflammation of the eye. Make a cake with a slightly larger thickness of about 3 centimeters. Close your eyes and put on a patty of clay. You can leave it on for 3 hours. In no case do not put clay on his eyes open. Once the clay dries and becomes easy, you can shoot a compress. Shoot all at once, so there could be no lumps. Thoroughly rinse the eyes with boiled water.

Keep the vision sharp, and be always healthy!