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Top Reasons you are not Losing Weight

Things were going great; you had just started your diet. You followed the meal plans religiously; you ate what you were supposed to and you avoided the foods that weren’t on the list. And you exercised and exercised. All that work paid off because when you went to weigh in the scale was in your favor. But now a month or so later, the weight isn’t coming off. There has to be reasons that you are not losing weight.

If you have ever been on a diet or just trying to lose weight you know that during the first week you lose a good number of pounds. Why? Because the weight that is lost is mostly water. You reduce the number of calories that you intake with a lot of those calories being protein and carbohydrates. When these are broken down through metabolism, water is released. Another reason is that the food that you are avoiding has a high sodium count. Sodium retains water so when the sodium is reduced so is the water.

Don’t be disheartened but the first part of any diet your body’s fat doesn’t diminish much.

Metabolism also plays a big part in anyone’s quest to lose weight. Metabolism is nature’s way of converting food into energy by breaking it down with a chemical reaction. The fuel is then transferred to cells where it is used as energy. This whole process is the main reason for losing weight and gaining weight and as most people know metabolism is different from one person to the next.

There are many factors that affect metabolism, such as:

– Heredity

– Age

– Sex, men usually have higher rates of metabolism

– The structure of your body mass.

It is interesting to know that metabolism is actually working harder for people who are overweight as opposed to those who aren’t. So you can’t blame your metabolism for not losing weight.

But you can help your metabolism to be more efficient. Building muscle through weight lifting or calisthenics is beneficial because muscle burns fat calories for energy. As you gain muscles they will need more and more fat to burn for energy. Doing aerobic exercises in the short term while lose weight quicker but muscle burns more fat over the long haul.

So we know that one reason we may have stopped losing weight is metabolism and another reason is weight loss slows down after the first few weeks.

Another possible reason is lack of sleep. Without sleep your energy level is low and your all important exercise routine will suffer.

Something else to consider, are you giving yourself enough time to see improvements? Remember that you didn’t gain all that weight overnight and you won’t lose it overnight either. The best diet plans are the ones that lose weight slowly, say a pound a week. So give it some time and patience.