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Top 10 Worst Cities for Allergies

Are you feeling really stuffy these days? Do your eyes seem to be watering more than usual? Can’t stop sneezing? If so there is a good chance that you are suffering from allergies. As it turns out you are not alone. Allergies affect millions of Americans each year. Dependant on where you live and the season it is, your allergy’s symptoms can increase. So which city is worst for people who suffer from allergies? Below are the top ten worst cities for allergies in 2009 according the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

10. Madison, WI. The worst season for those who live here is fall. The common culprits include Amaranth, pigweed, tumble weeds and high mold count.

9. Wichita, KS. The worst season for those in Kansas also happens to be fall. They also have high levels of mold spores, as well as weed and weed pollen

8. Knoxville, TN. Knoxville has a terrible spring season for those who are prone to allergies. The worst time of year for them is spring. This city has an average pollen count, but it seems a specific grass called redtop can trigger a response from many.

7. Grand Rapids, MI. Fall is the common season for allergies in this state as well. Here ragweed, plantain, and nettle are the worst for allergies especially in the beginning of fall.

6. Jackson, MI. This state has particularly high incidents of grass allergies. Fall seems to be the worst for those in Old Miss. Bermuda grass in particular has been known to spark bad reactions. Ragweed is also a common culprit in Jackson.

5. Raleigh-Durham, NC. Despite having an average pollen count, many still are uncomfortable. This is in part due to the high level of weeds. Spring is the worst season here.

4. Greenville, SC. The top allergens here are grass, tree and weed pollen. Due to their abundance of greenery fall time for many can become miserable.

3. Greensboro, NC. As its name implies this is a city filled with lots of greens. This can only be bad news for allergy sufferers. They have an abundance of Parks here, so things like ragweed are ramped in the fall.

2. Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a city that seems to have a higher than normal mold count. Mold can gross on rocks, rotting logs, and in grass. Mold often becomes airborne. Those in Little Rock may also suffer in the fall time due to high levels of weed and pollen.

1. Lexington, KY. The grand prize goes to a city where the pollen count frequently pollutes the air in the spring time.

If you live in one of these cities are you are not going to be moving anytime soon there are some things to remember. The first being see your doctor. It is important to talk to physician to not only determine if it is truly allergies, but also for methods of treatment. Also, keep in mind your surroundings. You may want to stay inside during times of the day when the allergen count is highest. Taking a shower after being outdoors may help as well.