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Top 10 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape

You keep hearing about how important it is to get fit. What does it exactly mean to get “fit”? It certainly doesn’t mean spending a fortune at a gym, sweating 24 hours a day or being as thin as your patience after exercising all day. Being fit means to keep your body at a sensible weight and have enough energy to get through the day. Here are the top ten simple things anyone can do to get to and maintain their ideal body weight.

1: Stop Smoking

This is both the hardest and simplest way to stay fit. If you already don’t smoke, don’t start. You can help maintain whatever good health you have by never smoking. You may hear that smoking kills your appetite and be tempted to use it as a diet aid.

Smoking does kill your appetite but it also kills your taste buds, dehydrates your body to make you tired all of the time, and slows down your circulation. Oh yeah there’s also that little cancer bugaboo you can get from smoking, too.

2: Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are not your friends. They laugh at you behind your back. You can tell because of how wide your behind gets when you drink too much. Alcohol is all calories and no nutrition. Stopping drinking is one of the best ways to loose weight, raise your energy levels and spend less money at the bar.

3: Drink Plenty Of Fluids

In this case, “fluids” means water, herbal teas and fruit juice. You don’t have to drink them all the time, but make them the main beverage choices of the day. They help give you the energy you need to get through the day and they help give you a “full” feeling in the tummy. Plenty of water and not dehydrating drinks like alcohol, coffee or soda also helps your body work more effortlessly.

4: Eat Your Fiber

Fiber is another thing that helps you feeling full throughout the day, but it also has other nutritious benefits that can help you stay fit easier.

5: Discover Ways To Help Manage Stress

When the body is under stress, it makes cortisol. This puts our bodies into a tense “flight or fight” mode. Your body then takes away energy it should be using for proper digestion and instead uses it to get ready to run or fight. This means stress can make you fat. Relaxing even for a few minutes a day can be a deceptively simple way to stay fit.

6: Redefine Exercise

You need regular exercise in order to stay fit. But where can you find the time to go to the gym, or jog or lift weights? Hold on those are not the only ways to get exercise. Cleaning the home is not only a chore you have to do it’s also great exercise. Walking to the post office and back to drop off your mail is also exercise. You can fit moving around into your day if you really want to.

7: Exercise With A Friend

A lot of people stop any kind of vigorous exercise because they’re bored. I admit that I would still be a committed couch potato if wasn’t for my dog. We both have fun playing fetch and going for walks. This is one reason why people like to join a gym; for the company.

8: Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

A sense of humor is a great way to help you deal with stress, digest your food better and help cope with the problems of life. If you make a mistake and they sky doesn’t fall, chances are you will have the opportunity to correct your mistake.

9. Find A Reason To Get Fit

Staying fit takes commitment and a willingness to change. This can be really aggravating unless you find a reason to keep fit. Is it for your family? To honor God/dess? To finish working on a novel?

10. Repeat.