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Top 10 most Nutritious Vegetables

Top 10 most nutritious vegetables…

Years ago as my Mother canned all of our vegetables, she often said, “Vegetables are so important to keep a good health system.” Our meals always consisted of several vegetables and a sort of different fresh fruits she had canned. Most of our vegetables are loaded with good nutrients and they also contain anti-aging properties as well.

I could honestly live on vegetables and fruit and I do believe I would have a healthy body, keep a trim figure, and possibly ward off some of the diseases that often attack our bodies if I did. We are taught at an early age to eat five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits a day and I do believe if we followed suit, we would be more healthier and live longer lives.

Our world is ate up with running out and buying fast foods, and not only do parents eat it, they subject their children to eating it too. We are not teaching our children proper healthy eating habits when we do this. Our children are going to eat what we teach them to eat and it will follow suit in their lives and their children’s lives.

Almost all vegetables are good for us, some are better than others and offers us more nutrients. Supplements of Carotenoid Complex have been proven by the USDA to give us all the powerful prevention of disease fighting benefits and anti aging benefits. Do you want to know what the number one most nutritious vegetable is…it is broccoli? It has the most phytochemicals which protect our bodies against chronic diseases. Spinach, red peppers, cabbage, potatoes (white/sweet), yellow onions (garlic too), carrots, celery, lettuce and cucumbers are all in the top ten most nutritious vegetables. Did you know as much as we praise broccoli, red peppers beat it by having a higher level of antioxidants?

Food Scientists do not rank vegetables to satisfy their curiosity but for a bioactivity index (BI) for dietary cancer prevention to assist people in buying the best fruits and vegetables to benefit them and their children. If we, as parents, buy our foods accordingly, we may be able to ward off cancer before it attacks us and our children in the future.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of eating vegetables with high nutritional values:

* A stronger immune system preventing colds, flu and infections
* Improved teeth and bone structure
* Improves brain function and improves memory
* Reduced the risk of heart disease by 41%
* Protection from macular degeneration and glaucoma
* 22% lower risk of different types of cancers