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Top 10 Benefits to Kettlebell Training

If you have not yet heard of Kettle-bell training, it is time that you do. Many people wonder how movie stars manage to get into such fantastic shape. Stars as varied as Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone, Kim Cattrall and Jennifer Lopez all know the secret: They exercise with Kettle-bells.

Kettle-bell training is simply the single best way to get a whole-body workout. It accesses muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Kettle-bell training increases metabolism, builds and tones muscles and even burns fat. It combines both cardio and strength training. Kettle-bell training greatly increases strength, but also gives a lean sexy body.

Kettle-bell training is not just for men either. A woman should not feel that using Kettle-bells will leave her looking like the She-Hulk. Kettle-bells will give a woman a lean and tone body.

Top Ten Benefits of Kettle Bell Training:

1) Simple (never miss a workout): Kettle-bells are perfectly simple workout equipment. They are not bulky. They can easily be stored at home. This means that if you, “don’t have time to go to the gym” you will still have ample time to fit in a quick Kettle-bell workout.

2) Fun: Let’s face it, Kettle-bell training can simply be fun. There is something primal about swinging around large hunks of steel.

3) Strength and Cardio: Strength training and cardio training are essential to fitness. But people often specialize in one and ignore the other. Some guys that can bench two times their body weight, but get winded going up a flight of stairs. Other guys that can run a marathon, but can’t twist the cap off of a jar of pickles.

Real fitness is a combination of both strength training and cardiovascular training. Kettle-bell training gives you both. Kettle-bell training has the constant movements of cardio while still being all about building strength. It is the ultimate workout.

4) Time: You can use Kettle-bell whenever you want. If you only have 10 minutes, you can still get in a few quick Kettle-bell exercises before rushing out the door. There is no need for separate cardio and strength training. Kettle-bells are one stop shopping.

5) Conditioning for Sports: Kettle-bell training isn’t about sets and reps. It is constant movements exercising strength, endurance and fitness. Even when, “at rest” you are still exerting energy holding up heavy Kettle-bells.

6) Forearms and Grip: If you want a bone-crushing grip, Kettle-bell training is the place to get it. The large Kettle-bell handle forces the user to develop powerful forearms and an iron grip.

7) Cardio and Respiratory Fitness: Many of the Kettle-bell exercises engage and strengthen muscles that assist with lung function. This strengthening of chest muscles plus the cardio benefits greatly increase respiratory fitness.

8) Location Independent: Workout where you want, when you want. Kettle-bells are a movable home gym. Workout in the office or on the beach. Easily take them wherever you desire.

9) Complete Muscle Workout: Many workouts isolate just the large muscle groups. Kettle-bells work out… everything. Kettle-bell training exercises muscles you never knew existed, giving the most complete, whole body workout imaginable.

10) Improve Sports Performance: Many of the routines used with Kettle-bells revolve around exercising the center of mass. This includes your hips, abdominal region, glutes, lower back and hip-flexors. This is your, “center of mass.” Working out this area leads to increased power in athletics, since most of your real power comes from this center of mass.

As you can see, Kettle-bell training has something for everyone. Young or old, male or female, Kettle-bells are the beginning and the end of a great workout routines. They are easy to use, easy to store and they are unmatched for convenience. So why don’t you look into training with Kettle-bells?