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Toothache Remedies Tea Tree Oil Clove Oil Natural Remedies

Most people will have more than one toothache in their lives. It affects you on many levels, the pain makes your whole head hurt, it means you can’t eat easily, it can be hard to talk, and your outlook is just generally hampered.

A visit to the dentist is usually in order, but there are a few things you can try first, or even until you can get an appointment.

The best pain reliever for a toothache is clove oil. You can usually find this easily at your local pharmacy or health food store. Buy a small bottle and a supply of Q-tips. Clove oil is very strong, so just use a drop or two on the Q-tip. Then gently rub the Q-tip around the tooth that is hurting, covering the tooth and the surrounding gums. Coat it well, then rinse your mouth out, again, the clove oil is strong and hard to leave in your mouth. This will numb your tooth, and it also has antiseptic and healing qualities. It might just cure whatever your problem is, but don’t wait too long.

Another remedy is tea tree oil. This is also found at the pharmacy or health food store. You can use this the same way as the clove oil with Q-tips, but I like to put a drop or two on my toothbrush and brush my whole mouth with it. It is strong, but not quite as overpowering as the clove oil. I had a tooth that broke recently, and I used tea tree oil until I could see the dentist to get it fixed. The dentist was amazed that my tooth was not infected, and when I told him I had been using the tea tree oil, he said “That stuff must really work?” Tea tree and clove oil are both good for bad breath, too.

Always try and have a diet of soft foods while your tooth heals. Eat healthy: homemade soups and smoothies will keep you from being hungry while you deal with the pain, and give your body the nourishment it needs to heal itself.

If you have a painful blister on your gum line just below your tooth, do not wait to see the dentist, as you may have an abscess, and these can be dangerous. Your dentist will probably want to start you on an antibiotic right away.

Try these simple natural remedies next time you have a toothache. Help is only as far away as the nearest drugstore.