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Too many Childern too many Kids how many Childern Women and Multiple Births Infertility Number c – No

There are several easy questions to consider first that will help us see a more accurate answer.

1) just why do you need more children? The world is over populated already, and top scientist are concerned about the amount of space needed to raise food for the people already here, not to mention the garbage generated and other concerns. Other countries have taken steps to limit population growth. The very fact that America is growing is proof that we are being very selfish pigs, and soon we too may need to enforce a ruling on how many children a woman could have. Of course, we should be smart and limit ourselves first.

The second part of this question refers strictly to the mother. What is going on in her mind? A desperate need for another child indicates a lees than healthy mind, and does not bode well for the children she might have. Is she replacing some she lost? Fulfilling some need for a baby that is not met by children? Does she not feel like a woman unless she is dragging kids around? A child can be hanging around for years. Yes, you can kick them out of the house at eighteen, but it does society no good if the mother is so focused on the next upcoming baby that the older child is woefully unprepared for adulthood and now becomes a burden on society. Alas, many multi siblings have this problem, and often are unable to deal with a normal household of one or two kids.

2) how were the first kids made?

Because why is a treatment considered if there are already kids? Never mind how many you need, a little creation and procreation must have been going on, right? It seems like too many people are giving up and having more children artificial made when honestly, there is just no need. Take question three.

3) why aren’t you adopting?

Poorer countries than America are overburdened with too many under age members that have no to lousy state care. Orphanages are practically giving them away. some countries sell young children for sex, often taking eight years old and up to a whorehouse. Many wish to be a maid in a better home, and sadly, often have horrible lives as a result. Many children are abused in foster homes, despite the efforts of health services, and competent providers. If the hospital switched a baby you wouldn’t know, so why not save yourself the pain of labor and give such much needed assistance to an innocent child whose only crime is being born in the wrong country, or to the wrong parents?

4) how many is too many?

This is a easily answered financial and emotional question. Children take a lot of money to raise. You obviously do not have the child’s best interest in mind if you have more than you can provide for. Take it from someone who had rocks thrown at them for wearing goodwill clothes. Poverty sucks! Your child will suffer! C’mon, we all remember high school. It is a crime to have to many animals you can’t take care of; it needs to be the same for humans.

And emotionally. How much time and attention do you have for them? humans need constant watching, love, attention, and no an older child is not sufficient for this. It’s not right for an older child to give up their childhood or teen years because mommy is too overwhelmed taking care of too many kids. Great way to teach kids about the importance of condom usage but there are surely easier ways than making yourself an example of stressed out poor mothering.

5) is it a waste of resources?

Some women have no children, and in a society that often valued women for childbearing, it can be painful. Even though women have escaped the home since world wars, it still is important for many women to pass them genes along. There is only so much money and time to go around. Even if a rich woman wants twenty kids, it still does not relieve poor women of a need for children. In a wonderful world, the rich woman would donate some money to a clinic so poor women could afford thousands of dollars to have their own child.

6) given over population, the desperate need for adoption, time and money constraints, why are we even considering this question?

It would seem the answer for most people is a resounding no. women with children should not be using infertility methods to have more. It is expensive, a waste of money, killing innocent children in other countries, and will hit a point in each family where it is just wrong. Careful consideration should be given to each child. Don’t have a child for the mother, have a child because it will be cared for, and loved, and needed. Is there any other reason to have one? What are they, notches on a head bed?