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Tired Sleepless Nights Irrtability Deficiency Vitimins

I’m sooooo Tired All the Time

Our grandparents, especially Granma might have been right about the Vitamins. Is your world starting to become a world of fatigue, easily frazzled and dark circles forming under your eyes?
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If you experience two or more of the following, you could have a B12 deficiency. You also need to confer with your doctor on this matter; and he can run a B12 serum test along with a urinary methylmalonic acid test.

1) Feeling easily drained.

2) Memory lapses or having trouble multitasking.

3) Irritability and or apprehension.

4) Two or more colds or flu episodes in a year’s time.

5) Dark circles under your eyes or paleness.

6) Joint pain or difficulty.

7) Unable to sleep or stay asleep.

8) Balance problems.

9) Numbness and or tingling in the extremities.

I started feeling really tired and yet I slept very restless and woke up just as tired. My days became something I dreaded, becoming a chore I could not pass on to someone else. I no longer enjoyed going to work, and counted the hours until I could take lunch, and go home. My personality changed to someone very short in temper and easily upset. My children walked on eggshells to stay away from my wrath. My love for cooking faded away and my cookbooks lay untouched: as I began serving one-pot casserole type meals. Even my usual routine for dressing nice, matching my jewelry to my mood or bag changed. I felt more comfortable in sweats and sloppy T-shirts.

My husband began to think something was wrong because of how I acted and my constant need to sleep. He thought that perhaps I was depressed or unhappy with him. He urged me to go see my doctor, and I am so glad I did. My doctor ran some tests and I was told, I had B12 deficiency. I also learned that 39% of women are lacking B12. Women over 40 years of age experience this more often and about 84% of them need B12. Our bodies process B12 from foods very slowly and at times do not absorb it well. Some doctors believe the liver can store B12 in the body for years; but the body has to be able to absorb it first. I learned over time, especially in women, the stomach produces less hydrochloric acid, which is needed for the body to absorb the B12. The results from the serum test confirmed this was my problem.

I was given a shot and within a week could tell the difference. My mind cleared; I was able to sleep again and rise with a smile. I look forward to my days and the energy I have once again. Now I take a B-complex supplement containing 500 mcg of B12. It is easily found over the counter, at most pharmacies. I also receive a shot twice a year and tested once a year. It is very important that you speak with a doctor before deciding what measures to take.