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Tips on Dealing with being Bipolar

Having a bipolar disorder is no picnic, I can tell you this from experience, having lived with it my whole life. One minute you’re up, or your heart or mind is racing, the next you’re down, crying over the stupid commercials on television; if only that were the worst of it.

The worst thing about bipolar disorder is how it causes you to do things that you never meant to do; how it feels when it’s happening, as if you are watching someone else. It’s as if someone else has taken over your mind and you are powerless to do anything about it. Actually, maybe that’s not the worst, thing; the worst thing is the look on someone’s face after you’ve done whatever thing that was; the shock, or sadness, or anger, or the realization that you are just not worth the trouble.

Coping with being bipolar is like coping with having a wild animal living in your house all the time. Sometimes he might be well behaved, maybe even lovable, yet at other times, he might really hurt you. It’s this way for both the person with the bipolar disorder and for those that live with him or her.

There are things you can do of course; go see psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. take the meds, and try to be a normal person. These are all well and good, and for the most part, they will work if you do as you’re told. The problem is, doing as your told goes against what those parts of me that are bipolar are all about. Taking meds can calm you down and make you behave, but they can also make you not really care much about anything at all. That’s why some people who take them commit suicide, not because it makes them sadder, but because it makes them not care about dying.

In my life I have found that the thing that works best is to get a routine going; make it so everything in the day happens in the same way at the same time. This reduces stress, and I believe that stress is one of the main triggers with a bipolar disorder. Also, try to figure out a way to make money where you either don’t have a boss, or where your boss is truly the coolest person ever. This is because work is stressful, it is for most people. You have to do stuff sometimes that you don’t feel like doing. Working for yourself is better, or working for tips or any kind of job where you have the freedom to work when and where you want and for as long as you want, and if it doesn’t happen, nothing bad happens except you don’t get paid that day.

The idea is to reduce stress and try to avoid constraints, and to take as little of the meds as you can get away with; because even though they may help you cope, they also take away a lot of the point of living.