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Tips on Controlling Dust Mites to Reduce Asthma

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America dust mites are found in approximately eighty percent of the homes of people in America alone. This may leave a person experiencing allergies all year around even though they may take preventative steps to avoid the triggers that are found outside the home.

Having control over the environment inside your home can reduce the amount of asthma you experience. Here are some tips on controlling dust mites to reduce asthma.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma the first priority should be getting the air as clean as possible. This may be achieved by cleaning your home throughout, getting rid of any clutter and things that are not necessary inside your home. Clean air is an absolute necessity to cut down on attacks.

Sometimes it takes very little to make a big difference. When you are dusting use a wet cloth instead of a dry one. A dry cloth tends to spread the dust around rather than gathering them up.

Before you start cleaning keep in mind that you are bound to cause more dust as you work. Getting someone else to do this for you is an excellent way of avoiding dust but if this is not possible then you need to prepare yourself. Wear a face mask and gloves. After you have finished all your cleaning leave your home for a couple of hours until the dust that is left has settled.

Tackle the whole house

Clean everything that can possible can be cleaned. This should include windows, drapes or any type of window coverings. Vertical window blinds have a tendency not to collect dust like horizontals do so you may want to replace any horizontals that you have in your home. Wash all the walls so they are free of dust.

Your bedroom is very important

Bedrooms are notorious for harboring dust mites. To eliminate the chance of dust mites wash all you’re bedding in the hottest water you can possible wash them in (recommended 130 degrees). If a particular item cannot be washed take it to the dry cleaners.

If possible, try and steam clean your mattress and box spring. Once you have done this cover both with zippered casings. There are casings on the market designed especially for keeping dust mites away. Wash all your pillows in hot water and once they are dry encase them in zippered pillow cases.

If you have stuffed toys in the room and do not want to pack them away wash them at least once a week. If you have pets you should keep them away from your bedroom completely to cut down on dust mites. After you have cleaned all that is possible in your bedroom spray your room with a spray that is designed for soft surface objects.

Once you have cleaned all of your room you may need to turn your attention to the floor. If you have carpet it will be a little more difficult to keep dust free than laminate or hardwood floors. If possible change your carpet out for one of these options. If you cannot do this then shampooing your carpet is the next alternative.

After shampooing your carpet should then be vacuumed at least twice a week. A word of warning to make sure your vacuum has a filter on it that is meant for people with asthma or allergies. If not you may be defeating the purpose of vacuuming. Vacuums without proper filters may spread dust around your room all over again. Keep the filter on your furnace changed on a regular basis.

Everyone has a certain amount of items in their rooms that they do not want to move but you do have alternatives for some of them, such as photos. If you have computers file all your photos on there. Remember to burn copies just in case you lose them.

If you have a large amount of important papers place them in bins with covers that seal them in tightly. If you like reading, a lap top can be the answer instead of the actual book. There are many online books that you can enjoy reading and it would be so much better for your allergies and asthma.

Dust mites may be like the in-laws that moved in and forgot to move out but they can be moved out with a little effort. You may not eliminate all of the dust but you certainly can cut down on the amount you breathe in.

Using tips on controlling dust mites to reduce asthma may be a little foreboding at first but it is doable and so rewarding health wise.