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Tips for Quick Weight Loss

If you despair as you step onto the scales, at the way they flicker then settle at a weight you have a problem reading over your expanding girth, then here’s a tip: an instant quick weight loss will be achieved by altering the dial before you leap aboard. If you really don’t want to cheat with this trick then discard all your clothes for the ultimate reading, cut your hair and fingernails, and anything else you can think of to lose a few ounces. Unfortunately holding your stomach in won’t make you weigh loss, but may help you to see the number on the scale.

After your more than usual satisfactory weigh in, make sure you dress in clothes which are too large, rather than clinging. There is nothing more unflattering and likely to draw attention to your unwanted weight than a too tight tee-shirt moulding itself to your beer belly. In a similar way clothes which draw attention to the constrictions of your underwear should be avoided. Dress in plain dark colors which hide your worst features such as flabby upper arms and wobbly thighs. It’s really beginning to look as if you’ve lost weight when you apply these tips.

Now the results of this are to put you in the mood to actually lose weight, but if you want to do it quickly the best tip is don’t, as the more quickly you attempt to lose weight the more quickly you will regain it all again. Slow and steady may sound terribly dull and not really fit in with your plans to have a new body by the weekend. However, slowly will overtake repeated attempts to lose weight quickly, which will only leave you heavier than when you began, plus disillusioned, frustrated and desperate. Here, have a donut to cheer your self up.

If you aren’t quite ready to embark on a lifestyle change which will involve eating healthily and committing to some kind of exercise, there are plenty of fad diets which will help you to achieve a fast weight loss. Here are the links to some of the fads which you can undertake which will help you to lose at least 7lbs or more in a week, but be prepared that you will only lose water and it will be temporary.

The watermelon diet: http://www.helium.com/items/1784630-the-watermelon-diet

The gut flush plan: http://www.helium.com/items/1757920-the-gut-flush-plan

The tapeworm diet: http://www.helium.com/items/1757157-the-tapeworm-diet

The Fat Flush Plan: http://www.helium.com/items/1757729-the-fat-flush-diet

The best tips to losing weight quickly but steadily, for those not ready to embark on a complete change are these:

Stop snacking and start to eat 3 meals a day instead. If you can’t break the snack habit then stick to just fruit and vegetables in between meals. Snacking and grazing is one of the main contributing factors to weight gain as you lose track of just how much you eat.

Stop one food at a time which you eat but don’t need, which is calorie laden or just overall bad for you with no nutritional benefit at all. Start by eradicating all sodas from your diet, diet or sugar laden. You’ll soon see the difference.

In addition taking no sodas will help you to reduce the urge to snack. When you notice a result simply add another useless food to stop, such as calorie laden processed fast food burgers. Ditch the donuts, call a day on the cappuccinos, ban the biscuits and ice the ice-creams. Or whatever your weakness is which you probably consume without realizing how much of a habit it has become.

If you can follow these steps to start with you’ll have a more long term weight loss than attempting a painful and pointless fast which will slow your metabolic rate down whilst eating away your muscles. For many dieters these tips may seem drastic, as the safety net of a familiar diet only deprives them of these goodies for a week or two of fad fast dieting. However, when a result is seen it could be the first step to changing over to a more healthy way of losing weight long term.