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Tips for Maintaining Smoke Free Homes and Cars

If you are a non-smoker, then you probably find smoke and smoke smell rather offensive, to put it politely. There are even some smokers that find the smell of smoke unpleasant! If you are very seldom around smokers, then having a smoke free is not a concern, but if you live with or are around smokers regularly then read on for tips on getting that unhealthy smoke out of your personal space.

*Just say “No”!

One of the easiest ways to keep smoke out of your home and vehicles is not allow anyone to smoke there to begin with. It does not matter who it is or how cold/hot/wet it is outside, tell guests to smoke outside! Be firm about your “No Smoking” policy, don’t give in and let Uncle smoke his pipe in the utility room or in the bathroom with the exhaust fan going (it does not help anyway). It is of course unreasonable to expect people to change their clothes and shower after each smoke break, but hanging coats/jackets in a hallway or in a specific closet can help minimize smoke smell from wafting through the rest of the home. The car is another place where setting your foot down is a good idea. Cars are more compacted areas and smoke can settle into the upholstery and carpets. Rolling the windows down while a person smokes can help, but it certainly does not eliminate all of the smoke! Put your foot down and ban smoking from your car altogether.

*Proper ventilation.

It is a good idea to occasionally open windows to allow the air inside to circulate. Smoke can settle in on clothing, coats and all sorts of cloth items like purses, bags and blankets. Even if people smoke outdoors, some of the smoke comes back in on their clothing and can settle into your furniture, carpets and curtains. Open your windows and doors on nice days to air the place out. You can also use ceiling fans to help circulate stagnate air. Central heating and air conditioning does not offer ventilation, just in case you were wondering about it.


If you live with a smoker, then it is much harder to tell them they cannot smoke in their own home. They have a right to be comfortable in their own home and the vehicle they drive. If you share a vehicle, then you may have to settle for airing the it out by rolling the windows down and using car fresheners to help keep the smoke smell from building up. Ask them if they would mind only smoking in a specific area of the home or even try asking them to step outside as often as possible. Offer to sit outside with them to make them feel less alienated. Sit down and explain to them your reasons for wanting to maintain a smoke free home and vehicle. If you approach them in a positive manner, maybe they will respond accordingly.

The subject of smoking is a touchy one for both sides. Smokers have the right to indulge in their habit without being harassed about it. Non-smokers have the right to be in a smoke free environment without being harassed about it. This debate may never be truly resolved, but if you are wanting to keep your home and vehicles smoke free, then you have to speak up and say so! Some people who smoke, refuse to smoke indoors, keeping solely outside in the fresh air. Proper ventilation and standing your ground are very good ways to keep smoke out of your personal environment.