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Tips for Grocery Shopping when on a Diet

Dieting can be hard enough on its own. But grocery stores can make it even harder to stay on target. With the help of a few simple tricks, your next trip to the grocery store just might be a bit less stressful.

Eat before you leave for the store – Eating a meal, or even a snack, before you leave for the grocery store can help cut back on cravings. If you go to the store hungry, you will be more likely to buy more food. And more food around the house can cause you to eat more.

Chew gum while shopping

Chewing a mint gum can help curve cravings. Not only will it help you fill fuller while shopping, it can also help cut back on the sweet cravings. Chewing a sweet or fruity gum can cause you to crave more sweets around the store, so stick to a more basic mint.

Map out your grocery route

If you can, plan out your trip to the grocery store. Park further away from the store to help get in more exercise. Also, try to avoid the sweet isles. Avoid the bakery section, if possible, the smells can make you feel week for sweets, so keep your distance.

Stay away from free samples

Free samples may look innocent, but they really can hurt your diet. Samples are mindless eating around the store. They are small bites of food that we barely even notice we are eating. Try to stay clear, they can also lead to stronger cravings.

Start with veggies and fruits

Stock up your cart, or basket, with the healthier foods. Doing so will fill up your cart faster with good foods, to make you feel like you are buying plenty of food. Also, it leaves less room for desserts or anything that may ruin your diet.

Limit your shopping time

The more time you spend in the store the more likely you are to buy more food. Also, keeping yourself on a time limit can help keep you on track by focusing on good foods first, not allowing yourself to get distracted.

Go with a friend

Going to the store with a good friend can serve as a great distraction. Talking to someone while shopping can help distract you from the temptations in the grocery store. Also, they can help you stay focused and help monitor what you put in your cart, especially if they are on a diet with you.

Overall, Stay on task. Keep yourself focused and remember that you are on a diet. Just because you are trying to eat healthy does not mean that you have to cut out flavor. Stock up on fresh foods full of flavor. And try to stay away from the sweets.