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Tips for a Summer Diet

With summer around the corner, what could be more useful than some great tips for a summer diet? During the hot season, we all want to look ‘hot’, and this means that we have to lose those nasty extra pounds, gained during the winter. While it is not a good idea to just complain about not being able to look great in your swimsuit, how about checking out these tips for a summer diet that can take you out of the blue?

1. Drink loads of water!

Forget about fizzy drinks, only water should quench your thirst! Many carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar and they are mortal enemies, sworn against your waistline. Water, on the other hand, contains no calories, so it is safe to drink as much as you want, without getting fat. Plus, keeping yourself properly hydrated will help you digest food easier, and, therefore, water can help you lose weight!

2. Eat salads!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great allies in your fight against extra pounds. If you are not very fond of the idea of eating them as they are, consider making some tasty salads that will enchant your tongue buds, while providing your body with essential nutrients and minerals that will keep you healthy and happy. Also, keep in mind that fresh fruits and vegetables are poor in calories, which makes them ideal for weight loss.

3. No salt, no spice!

During winter, adding a little extra salt or eating spicy foods is ok, but not when summer is knocking at your door. Excess of salt causes retention of water, and this will make you feel bloated, and terribly not sexy. Avoid foods that are rich in salt, and decide in favor of foods you cook at home, instead of processed foods that are often buffed out with spices and salt.

4. Say no to French fries!

And not only to them, but to any food that comes fried. While these foods may be very tasty, they are very likely to cause you gain weight. Even if they are not fat by their nature, when fried, they incorporate a large quantity of oil – which means a lot of unwanted fat – , exactly what you do not want for yourself.

5. Keep healthy!

Light exercise, especially in the morning, and a healthy lifestyle as a whole, are highly recommended when you want to lose weight during summer. Your body will be thankful and you will feel great.

These are the essential tips for a summer diet!