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There cannot be an Absence of Danger

“Danger Will Robinson! Danger” The famous phrase from “Lost In Space.” What is danger anyway? The exposure to pain, harm that can come to a person are a couple of definitions. Danger is often referred to as that which could happen, but might not happen. Danger means that there is some sort of risk such as loss of life, limb, or damage which is involved in the act of doing something. The question that has risen is can we remove danger, and be truly safe in all endeavors?

The way life has been devised there will always be danger no matter what safety equipment is applied. Humans make mistakes. Mistakes are what creates great experiences, thus creating wisdom. The premise is that no matter what we do, and how hard we try there is no way to have a truly safe environment. As long as we have free will; we will have danger. The old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, ” is true even with dealing with danger and safety. We can provide all of the safety equipment available, but we can’t make everyone wear the safety equipment. We can’t prevent unforeseen dangers. We can try, and we do try, but this is an impossibility.

Humans look for and attempt to improve on everything we can find that would cause people to be in a dangerous situation. We just can’t remove all dangers. Besides even if we were able to remove all of the dangers we still could not be 100% sure that we have created total safety. Safety is a way to prevent failure. With that statement in mind we can’t possibly foresee every possible danger that could be. Because we are human we make mistakes, and danger will be inevitable.

Another way to look at this is through the sport of Football. Football players have shoulder, rib, hip, knee, and other sorts of pads. They wear helmets, teeth guards sometimes they wrap their ankles, and have good protective shoes. Can you see this great American sport being totally safe? I can’t unless we play on a padded field, with padded walls, while wearing what looks like a mattress around each player. I don’t believe that people would pay to see that kind of game. Doesn’t lend itself to much fun for either the player or the fan.

Lets just say yes, we can provide safety equipment to make our lives less dangerous. We cannot truly remove all dangers. Not everyone will be safe. Some will not wear the safety gear, and still yet mistakes are made. The human free will and the ability to choose plays an important factor in creating safe endeavors. There is danger everywhere, but we can limit danger by wearing all safety devices as they apply, and heed into action when we hear the words: “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”