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The Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Everybody is always looking for a quick fix to a problem. I think that it is more important not to neglect our well-being and health to try and lose weight. Purge dieting or better known as bulimia is one of the most dangerous and extreme ways to drop pounds. They will do things such as vomiting or using diuretics ad laxatives. All of these fall under the bulimia category and can be extremely detrimental to your well being and health.

Most people think crash diets are all about starving yourself. Crash diets happen to be a little more extreme than that. Crash dieting can be the cause of malnutrition. In other cases the cause could be death. Crash diets should be avoided they have no place in a healthy weight lost program.

Some people opt for surgery. Gastric bypass and liposuction is an extreme option and people should only choose it in emergencies. It’s hard to imagine and situation where exercise and a diet would not be a better option. Most people want the surgery for a quick fix, but if you aren’t cautious you can gain the weight back quickly. Also all surgeries come with side effects and risk.

Appetite suppressants have been associated with plenty of dangerous side effects. These dangerous pills can cause heart valve damage. Even strokes have been associated with appetite suppressants. Never mind the results; these pills are capable of causing risk to your health.

Now fat burners have shown none results, but are still very dangerous. Some have been shown to have such bad side effects that they have been pulled off the market. Most of these fat burners are not approved by the FDA. None of these pills do anything to improve your health or well being.

Fad diets such as South Beach and Atkins will sometimes show results, but most of these diets are unhealthy and unsustainable. The Atkins diet eliminates all healthy carbohydrates and has large amounts if cholesterol and fat. Some people turn to hypnosis, but no research has proven that it actually works. Now exercise is very important, but to see results with this you need a healthy diet. Being strict in a diet is not going to be sustainable. I hope you will choose weight loss and exercise. You should also get some support. Join a support group in your area. Maybe some place like weight watchers, jenny Craig or curves. There are also online forums that offer support in your weight loss process.