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The Spanish Flu

A couple of nights ago, I watched a documentary regarding the flu pandemic of 1918. I had never heard of this outbreak. They stated this influenza outbreak was worse than the black plague. I myself wondered why I had not heard of such a thing. Why was it not studied in our history books? It’s possible it’s government censorship but I really don’t know.

I discussed the program with several people this week and no one had heard of this outbreak. This flu was also called the Spanish flu which many people may know it by that name. They had believed the flu originated in Spain. Still, I had not known of anything that recent that was worse than the black plague. Maybe our history teacher and books made light of the subject.

I found several things interesting in this documentary. First, I learned that the flu virus lives on birds. It’s just there all of the time. However, for an influenza outbreak to happen they said there needed to be three factors. You first have to have birds, then pigs, and then large groups of people together.

They said that humans don’t get the virus from the birds that the pig has to be present to transmit the virus to humans. They then showed photographs of soldiers holding dead geese. Another photo showed they had pigs there as well. This influenza took place during the first World War.

Symptoms of this particular flu virus sounded like something you’d see in a zombie movie. One woman stated she was a little girl and she saw a lady “spurting” blood. If you got this deadly flu your face would turn blue due to lack of oxygen. You then spurted out blood.

The next thing I found interesting was how the virus spread around the world and what happened. It seems that first the Americans and British became ill before the Germans. They apparently sent people into battle who had the virus and they spread it to the Germans. They stated in this documentary the Germans surrendered the war because they became sick with this flu. I never read that in the history books.

So, now we have scientists that have reactivated this virus using lung tissue samples from the people that died from this deadly virus. They are doing this to create a vaccine, so they say. The scientists believe we will have an outbreak of this same virus in five to ten years. They didn’t really give a sound reason why as far as I was concerned.

Anyhow, I couldn’t help but wonder several different conspiracy theorys. You can do your own speculating. I also thought some crazed scientist might release the virus for his own egotistical benefit. They stated the city and state where the facility was located that had this reactivated deadly virus. I found it odd they would tell the location of the facility when we are faced with the threat of terrorists daily.

So dear friends, let’s hope and pray the scientists are wrong. Meanwhile, I’ll be staying away from birds, pigs, and large groups of people.