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The Soypal Cookie Diet

The Smart for Life Cookie diet has competition from Japan with the Soypal Cookie diet, available in America. Dieters who opt for the Soypal Cookie diet need only replace one meal a day with a packet of seven cookies in order to lose 1lb a day, and the cookies have the advantage of being prepared from natural ingredients with no added preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners. At just 150 calories a meal they satisfy hunger by being high in fiber.

The key ingredient in the Soypal Cookies is okara, a fibrous substance derived from premium Japanese soy beans. Dieters need to ensure they drink preferably two glasses of liquid with the cookies as the liquid intake helps the fiber to expand in the stomach to produce a feeling of fullness. Recommended liquids which aid the okara’s fibrous benefits are water, soy milk, non fat milk, fresh juice and green tea.

The cookies are the creation of the Japanese chef Makoto Seto, and are marketed by Kenkou.Inc. Only one packet of cookies should be taken a day as a meal replacement, and it is recommended that they replace the most calorific meal of the day, most often the evening meal. The cookies do not contain any laxatives, but are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. They are available in three flavors for variety: original, sesame and chocolate.

The cookies are marketed as a long term weight loss aid as the longer one sticks with them, the cheaper they become. The recommended retail price is $49 plus shipping for a box containing nine packets of cookies equating to nine meals. However there is a current promotion which reduces costs. For the first six months dieters can receive a 30% discount on the cookies which brings the price down to $34.30 a packet, equivalent to $3.81 per meal.

This discount is available for the first six months of orders after which the discount increases month on month. Dieters who continue to order for a seventh month receive a 35% discount, month eight gives a 40% discount, month nine a 45% discount, rising to a massive 50% off for dieters who are still indulging in Soypal cookies by month ten.

The cookies themselves are hard baked to encourage chewing which naturally slows down the eating process and aids digestion. It is said that the chewing required gives a good facial workout to dieters thus promoting younger looks. Even those not on a diet can enjoy the convenience of replacing one meal a day with these low calorie youth promoting cookies which add such necessary fiber to the diet.

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