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The Secret to Success

Shhh, you have a secret. It’s a secret that you have hidden from everyone, including yourself. Within you is a force to be reckoned with. You have the strength of Muhammad Ali, the finesse Marlee Matlin and the determination an Iron Man competitor. You just have to tap into it. So often people compare themselves to others and highlight the negatives. You may admire how the Jones’s have everything together, nice mannered children, lucrative jobs, beautiful relationship and a white picket fence. Even if that may not be the true story it can be what people choose to see.

You should live life by your own definitions, which is harder said then done. But if you ever bring anyone else into the picture it should be to highlight the positive similarities. For example, admiring the fact that just like LoLo Jones, you have come from a hard background but in spite of your past you are making a better life for yourself.

Once you believe in yourself and your abilities you become invincible. Think of all the superheroes that were originally introverted individuals. With belief in their abilities and training they become invincible. Belief and training are two inseparable components for helping you become the best you can be. There is always a higher level that you can reach. Reach this higher level by encouraging and believing in yourself and your abilities. Think in terms of achieving a goal because it is possible not that you are going to see if a goal is possible to achieve. Because if you think in the later terms then as soon as obstacles arise you will begin to falter. If you have a positive outlook then your obstacles which once were a brick wall become your stepping stones to success.

Change begins with action. Take two sheets of paper. On top of your page write “I am proud of” and then write down all your strengths and physical characteristics that you are proud of. At the bottom of the page write down your dream. On the second sheet begin by writing your dream at the top. And then list steps that have to be taken in order to meet your goal.

At the end of the day the only difference between you and Bill Gates is that he believed in his dream. Remember that secret that was shared in the beginning of this article? Are you happy it remaining a secret or are you ready to release your secret and make your dream a reality? Do you believe in yourself?