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The Relationship between Exercise and Stress Relief

In today’s busy world we are constantly worrying about something or someone. If it’s not the bills piling up, than it’s trying to help the kids pass their tests, or improve our jobs and get that promotion. Sometimes it’s just trying to stay sane and healthy, but in the process all we do is end up stressing out.

By now most of us are aware that stress is deadly. Stress has become one of the biggest causes of diseases like cancer, and has been linked to strokes and heart attacks. There are certain types of stress that our bodies simply can not handle over a long period of time, and if we don’t find an avenue to reduce the stress level, than we can find ourselves facing serious and sometimes irreversible health problems.

Of course there are also good types of stress that our bodies require in order to stay motivated. Good types of stress provides our bodies and minds with a little bit of adrenalin but it’s usually in circumstances that we can control, like getting a project in on time, running for the bus or preparing for a race or competition. Without this type of stress we might not be motivated to do anything of importance and instead become couch potatoes without a care in the world.

The bad type of stress is the type which is completely out of our control. Bad things happen in life, sometimes we can influence them and most of the time we can’t. However, when the bad type of stress enters our lives there are some things we can do to at least gain some control over our own stress levels. This is where the relationship between exercise and stress relief comes in.

Regular exercise is a natural stress reliever and works much better than any sedative the doctor can give, and it’s natural which means it won’t have any adverse effects. Doing thirty to sixty minutes of exercise four or five times a week is likely to make you feel relaxed and more in control of your emotions. If you feel stressed hitting the gym alone or with a friend or partner can work wonders on your stress levels. You may go in stressed and frustrated but you’ll come out feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on your situation.

Exercise improves the production of endorphins in your body which leave you in a happier state. It’s also effective in re energising your mind and body especially if you tend to lead a sedentary life that involves a lot of time staring at a computer screen and using your brain. Although physical workers will also benefit from regular exercise when it comes to reducing their stress levels. Exercise is a time where you can forget all about life problems and concentrate on you and the moment thereby clearing your mind of all the stresses that are clouding it and in the end feeling much better for it.

Even ten minutes of exercise when you’re feeling stressed out can have positive effects on how you feel and how you perceive the situation that is stressing you out. Exercise really is an effective and natural stress reliever that should be considered when you’re feeling stressed out about something.