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The Real Sexual Differences between Men and Women


(The REAL difference between men and woman)

The Y factor.
Why is there an average 120 woman prostitutes to every 1 male prostitute in the world?
Why are there 22 female topless and nude bars for men, for every 1 male nude bar for woman in every big city in the world?
Lately biologists have made fundamental discoveries about how the human Y chromosome, a genetic package inherited by men alone, protects itself against evolutionary decay. They have tallied the exact number of genes on the Y chromosome, finding more than expected. This and other research has led them to assess the genetic differences between men and woman as being far greater than previously thought.
Even though the 70’s woman “burn the bra” movement declared that woman were equal to men. Science and logic is now disputing that claim.
Sex in humans is determined by the fact that men have an X and a Y chromosome in each of their body’s cells, while woman have a pair of X’s.
Sex has always been each member of a pair of chromosomes swapping matching pieces of DNA with its mate? (Male to female).
This swapping procedure, mating, or known to biologists as recombination, takes place between the chromosomes inherited from the mother and father’s side, as first step to producing the egg or sperm. Not only does it create novel combinations of genes, making each individual different, but it enables bad genes – ones damaged by mutation, or changes on DNA – to be replaced by their good counterparts on the other chromosome.
The Y chromosome is made of a single DNA molecule, about 51 million units of DNA in length.
Our chromosomes, XX in the female, XY in the male, control how we react to everyday things. They not only control how we consciously think, but also our sub-conscious.
We can not control or change our sub-conscious minds even if we wanted to. Our chromosomes control everything we do.
Studies have discovered a general pattern in men and woman going into adulthood.
Whatever specific physical features men and woman is chromosome primed to respond to, they all have a quality in common symmetry. Although, mostly on a sub-conscious level, attributes deemed attractive, have an outward appearance of evenness and right-left balance – eyes, shoulders, chest (breast), hips, legs, etc, in both sexes.
Studies have shown women prefer symmetrical men, and they are more responsive at a very specific time – when they are most fertile. Woman like muscles and a caring attitude in men, – the better to care for her future family. Most men work hard to get in shape and look good for the female.
Woman’s preferences also change across the menstrual cycle. Their preference to symmetry, as well as other turn-on’s, is specific to the time of ovulation, when woman are most likely to conceive (heat). Woman is choosing a mate (sometimes sub-consciously) who is going to provide better genes for healthy babies. She is not as interested in meeting men when not fertile.
Men, mostly sub-consciously, rate symmetrical women as more fertile, more attractive, healthier, (especially larger breasts) than other woman. Tests show 80% males sub-consciously think large breasts can feed many offspring – their sole instinct to mate. (Thank goodness for plastic surgeons.)
Since both sexes are controlled by their individual XX or XY, the instincts are different. The XX chromosome is more interested in nurturing the future family and the XY chromosome is more interested in fertilizing as many eggs he can to promote his genes.
Women have all the power in this flirting contest. Since the man does not know which female may or may not be fertile (menstrual cycle) he must ask all. Women just want to look better than her girlfriends.
Beauty contests didn’t start in Hollywood, Atlantic City or Miami. They began when the second woman arrived on earth.
To truly witness woman’s power, go to any bar in the world 15 minutes before closing time. Although beauty has always enhanced romances, alcohol has compensated for one’s inadequacies and enhanced ambition. There could be 10 men to 1 woman and almost every man will make a pass at her. It’s in their genes. She can choose one or none, and go home by her self. It’s always her choice never the man.
Men always want to be a woman’s first love – woman like to be a man’s last love.
Men can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.

Today’s oxymoron is that the “uncontrollable desire for the opposite sex is a disease in woman called nymphomania.” It is a disease that all doctors strive to cure.
In men the same thing is called normal.

The reason is the “Y” factor.