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The Personalized Online Diet and Exercise Program from Changing Shape Fitness

Motivational support can be a key factor for those embarking on a weight loss exercise and diet program. Changing Shape Fitness is an online company which offers personalized workouts and nutrition plans to those aiming to shed some pounds through a healthy diet and exercise routine. Each member gains access to a personal trainer who works with them to devise a routine matched to the member’s needs and goals.

The company was founded by Matt Johnson who received certification as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition Matt has a degree in psychology. He receives rave reviews from members who have found his support invaluable in helping them to achieve weight loss and their fitness goals. Other certified personal trainers also provide online support, in addition to a members forum.

Changing Shape Fitness does not promise a huge weight loss in a quick fad diet way, but aims for members to achieve their goals through sensible eating combined with exercise. Healthy eating guidelines which the company promotes are to eat slowly, count calories, eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily, and to eat 5 – 6 times a day. Additionally it advises members to avoid fatty highly calorific food in favor of healthy choices. There is also advice on how to incorporate fast food into ones diet.

Diet plans are drawn up to suit individual requirements and factor in requirements such as vegetarian or low carbohydrate food choices. Members are provided with shopping lists, recipes, online food journals, and their own body fat and weight charts.

The personal trainer aspect is the biggest benefit to members who have access to a trainer who will devise an individual exercise program. This can be tailored to member’s preferences for training in a gym or home workouts. The exercise program concentrates primarily on stretching, cardio and weights which are illustrated online.

The membership fees are extremely good value at $59.95 for a year, or $29.95 for twelve weeks. Membership comes with an initial 30 day money back guarantee. The site can be partially accessed by non members who have access to online diets, exercises and nutritional advice, but no access to personal trainers or individual support and customized plans. There is a nifty range of online calculators including a calories burned calculator, a target heart rate calculator and a body fat calculator.

Changing Shape Fitness will most benefit those who want to lose weight and get into shape through nutritionally balanced eating combined with exercise. Those who commit to the program will reap the benefits of having a personal trainer for a fraction of the price normally associated with using a personal trainer. The program won’t appeal to those in search of a quick fix weight loss though.