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The Path less Travelled Wellness or Sickness

On the pathway less traveled, wellness or sickness, wellness is a state of health or being healthy. Any pathway in life can seem to be relatively obscure; so may the pathway of wellness. The path of wellness, is often considered to be ‘the pathway less traveled’, because it appears to be a more difficult pathway to follow.

The pathway that ultimately leads to sickness, can appear to be more desirable, pleasant and one that is more fun, at any time. For example, it may appear to more fun to be part of the social crowd that smokes, drinks and does drugs. Be aware that this is not a pathway of wellness, as it is a pathway towards sickness.

Unfortunately, this kind of pathway will prove to be harmful to your health and that of others in the end. You can choose to live dangerously if this pathway appeals to you. It is a decision that only you can make for yourself, but not a good one. You really do know better or you should. Your parents and teachers taught you to take a pathway towards wellness.

If you choose a pathway towards sickness, later on you may regret the choice that you have made. Know that any decision that you make regarding your pathway in life is ultimately only yours to make. Remember that the consequences will be yours to bear, as well. Your choice of a wrong pathway in life can affect the health and well-being of many others in a negative or adverse way. For example, if you insist on smoking in your home, there is an extremely, high risk of cancer for you and others. Excess drinking and the use of drugs also leads to future health problems.

On the other hand, your choice of the right pathway can affect and influence others in a positive direction. For example, if you choose good food, an active lifestyle and a high level of physical exercise and activity, you will have a healthier heart and live longer. Other people may choose to follow in your footsteps so begin by setting a good example for them. This can include your children and grandchildren, even your parents and other relatives. Over time everyone including your friends, may begin to live a more positive, healthier lifestyle.

Start on your pathway towards wellness today, by making a wise, learned decision for your health. Choose the pathway of wellness for yourself, your spouse and children, other family members and friends also. Help others around the world to make the decision for wellness, as well. Act today. You will be glad that you did.

Sometimes, it is far wiser to take ‘the pathway less traveled’. The route may be longer. At times it may be lonely, more difficult and harder to follow, but for you and others it will reap rewards in the end.