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The Nutritional Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. How often have we heard that said? While the old saying is hardly a foolproof method of maintaining our bodies in pristine condition and preserving our general good health, there is some value to be attached to it. So what is the precise nutritional value of apples? That is what this article is dedicated to exploring.

There is evidence to suggest that apples have been cultivated for food for millennia. They are one of the most common fruits that we eat today and of course come in a great many different varieties. We eat them as they are as a snack, we make sauce from them, we cook them with meats such as pork and of course they are a common ingredient in a great many desserts such as that old favourite, apple pie.

Apples are extremely high in Vitamin C. This nutrient is essential to our immune systems and serves as a powerful anti-oxidant to combat those free radicals in our bloodstreams which attack healthy cells and cause all sorts of problems. It also helps our bodies to naturally repair minor damage such as bruises, cuts and grazes. It helps to strengthen our bones by allowing calcium deposits to form and in a similar way our teeth. As the vast majority of the Vitamin C in apples is contained just underneath the skin, we should not peel apples prior to eating them if we can help it. By discarding the skin, we are at the same time discarding a high percentage of their overall nutritional value and thus their benefits to our health.

Fibre is another nutrient plentiful in apples. This is of course extremely important in keeping our digestive tract healthy and our bowels in full functioning order, at the same time reducing the risk of the onset of colon cancer. It also however helps to prevent cholesterol from building up in our veins and arteries and reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

Apples are high in phenolic phytochemicals which as well as being powerful anti-oxidants also help to protect our bodies against a number of cancers such as lung cancer and prostate cancer.

We can therefore perhaps begin to see that the old proverb referred to in the first paragraph of this article may indeed have some basis in scientific fact. Start practising what it preaches today and perhaps you will improve your all round health and begin better protecting yourself against a number of unsavoury or even fatal conditions in the longer term.