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The Motivation and Exercise that Walking your Dog Brings

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to get out of the house and work out. But because keeping fit is an essential part of living a long and healthy life, it is important to find something that inspires you.

It may not at first seem obvious, but owning a dog provides the perfect opportunity to get fit and stay active on a daily basis. And since these are key ingredients in fighting illness and staving off old age, having a dog may just be the very best fitness tool available.

Owning a dog carries a great responsibility in that not only must you house and feed your pet, but also take care of their exercise needs. An average dog needs walking three times a day, seven days a week. And since a dog must have around two hours of exercise a day, this works out at a mind blowing 14 hours of exercise every week. Of course this means you as the owner get this amount of exercise also. This amount of cardiovascular exercise per week should be motivation enough to walk your dog.

Walking alone is a good form of exercise, but it can be hard to maintain the motivation to continue this activity over a period of time. Boredom can play a large part in giving up walking as an exercise. However with your dog for company, walking goes from being a mundane exercise into a fun and interesting adventure. Rarely are two days the same when walking with your dog. Meeting other owners and their dogs takes the sting out this excellent exercise.

Perhaps the biggest reason why people give up on exercise is a lack of variety. The same routine week after week does nothing to inspire any fitness fanatic. This will never be the case when owning a dog as the world is literally at your feet. Taking your dog on a variety of walks at different locations is an excellent way to keep things fresh. Not only will your dog appreciate the change of scenery, but you as the owner get to see your local surroundings in far greater detail. From sandy beaches to Autumnal forests, there really is no limit on the variety of places you can take your dog. With such variety the task of walking your dog will seem like an absolute pleasure rather than an obligation.

Love is a very powerful tool that can build bridges and mend fences. Love can also be an inspiration that will change your life for the better. To find the motivation to take your dog for a good long walk is easy. All you have to do is look down and see the total pleasure that this exercise brings your dog. This simple act of giving your pet a better life by getting out into the fresh air and walking should be reward enough.