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The Meaning of Dreams

Having strange dreams or even happy dreams can make you start to wonder what all that dreaming is about. Some say that dreams are subconscious thoughts of things we were not able to think about during the day. Some day that dreams are a way of telling our futures. Whatever you believe, you may be curious about what your dreams really mean. Here are a few ways to interpret your dreams and find out what they could be saying about your life.

Keep a journal by your bedside to record the dreams you have. Immediately after waking up from a dream, write that dream down on paper. Detail as much as you can about the dream including any people in the dream, symbols in the dream, where the dream takes place, colors in the dream, and/or animals in the dream. Try to remember as much as you possibly can about the dream and write it in your journal. Keeping a journal of your dreams can help you to determine the significance of your dreams, since dreams will be fresh in your mind if you write them down soon after waking. Even if all you do is jot down words that describe your dreams such as names of people, names of places, and names of animals in your dream, you will be able to fill in the blanks when you wake up later for the day. The more detail you can add to the journal regarding your dreams, the more you’ll be better able to understand what those dreams mean and what significance they have in your life.

Buy a dream book that tells you all about symbols, places, things, and even words that appear in your dreams. Dream books can explain what certain things mean that you are dreaming including people in your dream, places you go, or colors and shapes that are in your dreams. Reading a dream book can give you a better idea of how to interpret your dreams so that you can understand what is going on in your mind. Some great dream books to look into are: ‘Dreamer’s Dictionary: From A to Z…3000 Magical Mirrors to Reveal the Meaning of Your Dreams’ by Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett, ‘The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding’ by Betty Bethards, ‘Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean’ by Trish MacGregor, and ‘10,000 Dreams and Their Traditional Meanings’ by Gustavus Hindman Miller. You can also check out Barnes & Noble, eBay, and any Hallmark store for books on dream interpretation.

Check out online websites for interpreting your dreams. There are many online websites that offer dream interpretation and significance of what your dreams mean in your life. Try looking up dream interpretation online through sites such as Yahoo.com, Google.com, or MSN.com. A whole listing of dream sites will appear allowing you to find one that fits what type of dream interpretation you are looking for. There are even many psychologists, psychics, or dream specialists that have sites online to help you interpret your dreams. Just beware that there are also many fake sites out there from people who do not have education in dreams and their meanings. You can also find dream dictionaries online to help you interpret dreams by simply typing in words that relate to the dreams you have had. Just remember that all dream sites should be free and you should NEVER have to pay to interpret your dreams. See resource list below for online dream interpretation sites.

Talk to a psychologist about your dreams. Some psychologists are educated in the meaning of dreams and the significance of dreaming to your life. Take the dream journal you have written along to your psychology appointment so that you can give details of your dreams to the psychologist who can help you to interpret the significance of your dreams. Dream analysis has been a long time study back in the days of Sigmund Freud who believed that dreams were a submission of our unconscious thoughts that we hid away during the day. Many psychologists use this type of theory when considering the importance of our dreams. You may find out some interesting ideas about yourself through a dream analysis and discover ways to better your life by speaking to a psychologist about your dreams.