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The Link between Childhood Abuse and Adult Heart Disease

I’m certain any type of abuse a child may suffer during their childhood, may lead to undue stress and unresolved conflicts.if we delve deeper into this theory,we may find these unresolved conflicts and stress carried into adulthood may lead to addictions ,such as over eating, drugs or alcohol abuse. These addictions may also aggravate the condition of a heart disease that may be already prevalent in an individual.The link between childhood abuse and adult heart disease has never been prov en, but bears a strong likelihood, considering all of the circumstances of abuse.

If the issue of abuse was neglect, then we might be looking at a situation, where the adult does not seek proper or adequate medical attention in time to diagnose this condition of heart disease. This heart condition may also be genetic. A parent, who isn’t taking care of themselves, may just as well neglect this very important information and never pass it onto their child. Abuse is a wide variant. Neglect, physical and emotional abuse may eventually take it’s toll on an individual,especially a child

Just as the stresses of a job or providing for a family may cause undue stress and eventually lead to a premature heart attack. The same could be said of a young child who has witnessed stressful situations, their entire life. Adult children of alcoholics,often have told of accounts of very stressful situations. Their levels of cortisol, have been exposed to high levels during their lifetime. It may be safe to say, these levels may determine if they are exposed to heart disease.

It is absolutely true, that everyone is susceptible to stresses in their life. However, a young child, does not have the same coping mechanism as an adult. These feelings of resentment may last an entire life. Adults have sports, entertainment and new relationships that may relieve some of these stresses they might feel at times. What can young children resort to do in order to relieve these high levels of stress and anxiety?

Let’s face facts, abuse was once a hidden secret amongst many families. It was considered a family matter. Most people, were never apprised of the heart wrenching details found in most cases of childhood abuse.

Trauma and abandonment, were issues in my case. The thought of leaving a five year old alone in an apartment for hours on end seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Today, that would be considered a form of neglect and child endangerment. Can you imagine what a five year old child could be thinking, when an alcoholic parent never returns home from a binge of drinking?

Worries and negative thinking are catalyst to stress and anxiety. What is a child to do in this situation? Prayerfully, their should always be someone to take up the slack. But, what if there isn’t?