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The Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

Here is the secret to losing weight…

Can you handle the truth?

Do not lose weight just to lose weight. It NEVER works.

Permanently change your diet and exercise and the weight will come off and stay off.

Americans love short cuts. We love instant gratification. We will do anything to find a magic diet that will make us look like we did in college.

Only one problem…

Diets do not work. They never have. They are illusionary. They work for a time and give you the false impression you can go back to some of your fattening habits and before you know it, you weigh more than you did before your diet.

That is not a diet. That is a self-defeating behavior system that should tell you that you are not truly serious about changing the life of your body. Stop thinking diet. Atkins, Grapefruit, Pritikin Principle, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Dr. Phil, Weight Watchers, all of them.

They do not work. If you don’t believe me look at Oprah. No one has dieted more than she has in the history of the world. She is not a success in weight loss. She could have been the inspiration for the character Gwyneth Paltrow played in the movie, “Shallow Hal.” One month Oprah looks like Halle Berry and the next month she is wearing all black clothes and telling her director to only shoot her from the neck up. Why?


So, if you start with the truth you will end up with the truth. You want to keep your weight off PERMANENTLY? Really? Then do not go on a regimen where you will eat someone else’s prescribed menu.

Eat your own menu.

Just eat less of it.

Now, for the exercise part. This will not be as painful as you think.

Did you hear the story about the 45 year-old woman who did not change her diet at all. She kept eating everything she wanted. The only change she made was to walk five nights a week for three miles. That’s it. She walked. Three miles.

She lost 65 lbs. in a year.

No diet. No health club membership. No long hours of weight training.

65 lbs.

Do you know how ecstatic you would be if you LOST 65 lbs. in a year? Oprah would be doing cartwheels. You would be right behind her. And, all those diet plans and programs? They would be out of business if Americans like you and me just ate less of what we normally eat and started moving our legs in the early morning or evening.

You want to lose weight permanently?

As Nancy Sinatra sang at the end of her hit song in 1966, “Start Walkin’!”